On the Pogo+ maker hold the button down it rotates it transforms solid blue. Release it and hold the again quickly until the buzzes.

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If your having actually trouble adding it ~ the spot you have the right to remove the in the pogo+ settings web page by pressing eject button next come the paired device. Then reset it and include it new.


Off topic however can that be paired to different gadgets throughout the day ? favor gf has actually it when she's at work, I obtain it when she gets home? Or is the "locked" to the first device it syncs through ? (sorry mobile tools elude me)

you have to unpair the from your phone and also then reset it every time you change. However otherwise you have the right to do it

I've do the efforts this and also found the takes fairly a bit of resets to pair it to an additional phone. I'm not sure if this to be a one off but just a top up.

This was precisely what ns needed and this details was nowhere on the main troubleshooting website. Thanks a million!

Thank you. Walk from Android to iOS and I couldn't connect my Go+ to my iphone phone 7. This walk the trick

This was really helpful.

My phone stopped recognizing the plus after a few days. Ejecting that from the game and resetting the add to stopped every little thing was blocking mine phone from recognizing it.

Thanks because that trying! Its never ever paired up with my iphone5s but works through my 6.. Hopefully it'll work

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Having a tiny trouble v this. Ns just obtained my pogo+ a couple of hours ago. After transforming bluetooth on, ns was effectively able to connect the device to my game. Yet when i clicked the popup an alert that a pidgey I had tried to record ran away, it said the pogo+ device had been disconnected. Once I went onto the game, the plus icon was grayed out. Therefore I decided to try and unlink then relink the maker again to make it work. I clicked the triangle alongside the walk plus detailed under "available devices" on my walk game, then visited bluetooth to shot and disconnect that from my easily accessible devices. But it wasn't listed. So ns did the long organize on the go plus switch to shot and unpair it, but it never provides me a heavy blue light, it just blinks blue, no matter how numerous times I've hosted it under for 5 seconds. I think mine pogo+ think it is connected, however my phone call doesn't identify that it is, so the is grounding in this monster loop. I tried come restart mine phone and also game, do the efforts popping out the battery to the pogo+, however nothing will certainly work.