If you like to follow architecture blogs and social media accounts of popular residence developers, you might have noticed that glass block home windows are making a comeback. Glass block home windows were all the rage in the 80s however have fallen out of favor.

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Back then they were used commonly for shower wall surfaces and room dividers as well as exterior windows. They are currently getting here on design blogs and also social media as vintage style exterior home windows and room dividers, accent wall surfaces, and also shower walls.


Glass block home windows originated at the turn of the 20th century. Many kind of factories were built with glass block windows because the glass blocks were opaque however let in some natural light so that the factories weren’t completely dark. Homeowners love the vintage look of glass block home windows however others think it looks old fashioned and also dated no issue what designers think .

If you’re considering adding glass block windows to your house as exterior windows, accent wall surfaces, dividers or in the shower tright here are some points that you have to understand. If you really love the look of glass block home windows you have to recognize these troubles prior to you commit.

They’re Heavier Than Other Windows

Glass block windows are much heavier than other forms of glass windows. If you’re planning on making use of glass blocks for exterior windows or exterior walls that can reason structural problems via your home. Using them in internal spaces deserve to additionally put many weight on your walls and floors that might end up damaging your foundation.

If you are committed to utilizing glass block home windows make certain that you have actually a skilled contractor assess whether or not your home can stand the added weight before you install.

Difficult To Replace

Because glass block home windows must be mortared together in order to make a full window or a wall surface they are very difficult to rearea. If one of the pieces of glass cracks or splinters it might be nearly difficult to remove that one item and also relocation it, especially if it’s at the bottom of the window.

If that happens the whole window or wall would must be pulled down and reinserted and that would certainly be incredibly expensive.

No Natural Ventilation

Glass block home windows have no herbal ventilation. Since a glass block window is a pile of glass cubes mortared together the mortar forms a super tight seal between the pieces of glass. That means that no air have the right to pass with the room in between the blocks of glass.

In an indoor setting wbelow glass block windows are supplied for accent walls, room dividers or shower wall surfaces that means that the air circulation in the room will certainly be obstructed. When that happens the air conditioner or heater will have to work-related harder to circulate indoor air and also that will certainly expense homeowners more on their power bills.

Can’t Open Them

Anvarious other major problem via using glass block windows as exterior windows is that they can’t be opened. While they carry out administer some herbal light and warmt, they don’t provide any fresh air. Exterior windows made from glass blocks are more choose see with glass walls than actual home windows and that renders them not right for exterior home windows.

Exterior windows in a home should be opened to let in fresh air and light and sunshine.

Privacy Issues

Glass block windows are opaque. People assume that the cloudy glass provides total privacy and that civilization can’t view via it. But in fact the amount of privacy counts on the way that the glass is made. Often the glass does permit human being external to view things that people on the various other side of the window more than likely don’t want them to view.

When glass block home windows are provided as shower walls or in the bathroom, or once they are used as exterior windows, they don’t really provide exceptionally a lot privacy at all. A continual thermal pane window through a decorative frosting over it is much better for privacy than a glass block home window. And a continual home window can be opened to ventilate the bathroom and let out some of the moist air so that mold and bacteria don’t grow.

They Can Crack

Glass blocks are heavy and also they are breakable. They can crack, shatter, chip and come to be damaged simply choose a mirror or various other glass deserve to. But chips, cracks or damages in a glass block window deserve to reason the entire window or glass block wall to become unstable. And if those glass bricks all come tumbling down they deserve to cause most damages.


The glass block home window or wall will also be incredibly expensive to solve. Since of the potential for damage, and the potential for injury if the glass block wall or glass block home window does crack, shatter, or chip. It’s not recommended that parental fees have glass block home windows or walls in home through young youngsters that might break the glass or gain injured by the glass.

They Absorb Heat

With temperatures rising around the nation yearly homeowners should be doing every little thing feasible to cool down their residences. But glass block windows and wall surfaces absorb heat and make the interiors of residences warmer. So homeowners that are encountering increasing summer temperatures and intense summer warm should absolutely stop glass block windows and also walls.

The heat absorption of the glass unified through the absence of ventilation will certainly make your residence extremely heat and tough and expensive to cool if you have actually exterior glass block windows or a glass block wall in a sunny location inside the residence.

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