10 ideal Bingeworthy TV Shows, according To Reddit occasionally a TV display comes along that is difficult to protect against watching. Reddit users room sharing their thoughts ~ above the ideal shows to binge watch.

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Split picture of guards and players in squid Game and Bunk and McNulty on The Wire
While some TV dramas are taken into consideration a beautiful slow burn, and some sitcoms can it is in savored on a weekly basis, there"s other special around a bingeworthy TV series. It"s a lot of fun feeling choose no time have the right to be wasted prior to putting on the following episode, and also fans always want to find civilization who they deserve to talk about this exciting display with ASAP. A show"s framework can likewise lend itself to being watched quickly, as if there room cliffhangers, the show is designed for bingewatching.

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From critically acclaimed prestige dramas to part sitcoms that have large fanbases, there are numerous TV series that fans think about to be perfect because that binge-watching, and viewers are discussing them on Reddit.

Breaking Bad"s scary scenes and also memorable personalities made it difficult for countless fans to avoid watching, and also when new viewers find the show, it"s certainly tough to prevent at simply one episode.

Reddit user prodigy1189 claimed of Breaking Bad, "nothing else has come even remotely close come the personality arc walter had." Unlike other dramas that follow a "case/crime/medical diagnosis that the week" format, Breaking Bad allows viewers to watch the complicated situations that the personalities are handle with and there are always new layers to discover.

Stranger Things has fascinated viewers due to the fact that the very very first season was accessible to stream on Netflix, and the show"s sweet characters, friendships, sci-fi elements, and also dramatic storylines do it tough to simply watch one episode and also walk away.

Reddit user noOne000Br said, "I’ve watched the very first season in one day." Reddit user PearlescentJen stated that she watched season 2 in a solitary day through her teenage children and also husband and also "We rarely all prefer the very same thing."

The Wire: Marlo Stanfield feather angry
The Wire is considered among the many well-crafted TV series that has ever before been made and fans praise so many aspects of the show, indigenous the raw pl0tlines come the personality development.

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For Reddit user SchrodingersCatPics, The Wire is an exceptionally bingeworthy series. The fan defined "rushing earlier to Blockbuster prior to close to rent the following seasons; us literally could not stop watching the show." Reddit user wo1f-cola dubbed it "hands under the best show I’ve ever before seen."

7 Community

Danny Pudi together Abed Nadir.
native the study room top top Community come the bond that develops in between the characters, there room so many reasons why fans appreciate this sitcom more than many others in the genre.

Reddit user kmill86 said, "I"m fear to recognize the amount of times I"ve watched Community from start to finish." The series features so numerous unique moments and also hilarious plotlines the fans will always want come binge number of episodes at once so they deserve to keep laughing and experiencing the heartwarming scenes.

One Redditor stated that lock think Good Girls is a bingeworthy series, composing that they were "glued to the screen the whole time."

All 4 periods of the TV drama room fast-paced and also fun, permitting fans to learn much more about Annie, Ruby, and also Beth"s personal lives and also their desire come have enough money to continue being the best parents and also people that they can be. Your motivations constantly seem logical and also there room so countless cliffhangers and big moments that it"s tough to look away.

5 squid Game

Reddit user nicq97 suggested Squid Game as a bingeworthy collection and wrote, "There are great characters to root for."

Chances are that many civilization binged Squid Game in a supervisor brief duration of time together it"s difficult to protect against wanting to understand what happens next and also who wins each game. Because the hit Netflix show has been component of so numerous pop society discussions, it was likewise impossible to watch gradually as world wanted to protect against spoilers.

for Reddit user pike360, "Russian Doll" is a great show to binge watch. Reddit user ThaBigSKI agreed "very exciting show" and also Reddit user pseud_o_nym said it has a "Short season the keeps you wanting the following episode."

Nadia"s an excellent Russian Doll quotes allow viewers to obtain to understand her together a tough, brash but vulnerable human being who seems to be grounding in a time loop because that a reason. Viewers root because that Nadia and also want her to find happiness, and it"s straightforward to watch the an initial season quickly.

3 Orphan Black

several Reddit customers suggested Orphan Black, with one Redditor writing, "This is worth party watching simply for Tatiana Maslany"s remarkable acting skills."

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One the the most an imaginative and inventive reflects of recent years, Orphan Black gives pan the opportunity to watch one actor playing multiple characters, which is always cool and also compelling. Every episodes delves deeper into the story the the clones and the collection is always unpredictable.

in between Michael Bluth"s hilarious quotes and the quirky resides of the rich key characters, Arrested Development is a perfect sitcom when someone is in the mood come watch number of episodes in a row.

Reddit user bluelily216 said Arrested advance as a bingeworthy series that can additionally be watched several times because of "inside jokes you don"t record until you"ve seen the series a few times." Reddit user TheGallow agreed the there is "foreshadowing."

1 Lost

because that Reddit user SingsongDelight, Lost is a perfect present to binge watch due to the fact that each episode has actually a "cliffhanger that made you desire to store going" and "the huge ensemble cast and flashback structure."

Lost is absolutely a show that benefits from bingewatching. It would certainly be tricky to jump in in ~ any suggest as over there is so much context and background for any kind of given storyline and each episode moves right into the following perfectly.

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