Hi all, I'm native Massachusetts however will be in Lacey, Washington because that the Mewtwo raid hour and trapinch community day. I will be heading the end to Seattle on those days. I'm make the efforts to find out those the location for raid hour and also community day in Seattle or Lacey? many thanks all!


So much I have actually done green Lake and also Seattle City Center. Ns really liked both. Though, together I am new to Seattle myself i think City center might be the finest option going forward for me. It has a reprieve native the chillier weather (I am from the desert) unlike eco-friendly Lake.

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Plus, it's right beside the room needle if you've never ever been to it before.

If you're in Lacey, there are two options.

1 - st Martin's college has a most stops and such, as does the area approximately Marin way all the way into olympia.

2 - the better option is to go under to percival landing and the farmers sector at the harbor of olympia. Start at the farmer market, walk v the landing, then usually go up and down the highways with the crowds that players. This is our common raid hour / community day path, other than now us live in renton and also are do the efforts to uncover a brand-new group to sign up with up with.

For Mewtwo Raid hour, we have actually a huge group that starts at the Henry Moses Aquatic center in Renton, i m sorry is a little closer than Seattle, we do a raid train at 6pm the at least 6-7 raids, and have big groups therefore it'll take it the ceo down even quicker. For Trapinch, yes, Seattle facility or Bellevue downtown park room also good options.

Downtown Kent will have actually all the stop lured and we typically see 100+ world walking around. Plus we dont have to pay because that parking or address the Seattle traffic.

When you acquire to Seattle, Ballard is great area to do raids and explore. The QFC top top 24th turn off of sector is where I go to do raids and you’re almost always guaranteed a large group of people to fill out the queue. It also has 2 gyms right next to each other so if friend don’t occur to catch the Pokémon you want in the very first one, girlfriend can instantly move come the second gym.

I likewise recommend you join the PGO Seattle Discord so you can see where teams are to plan to fulfill up.

There's a large community in Capitol hill, they have a an extremely active discord wherein they coordinate routes to take throughout raid hour and have accomplish ups to trade on community day

If you will be in downtown because that Mewtwo Raid, over there is a group starting at 5:50pm at fifth and Olive/Stewart.

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