Hey men, I'm a 24 year old that has never signed up for a credit card, largely because of procrastination. I recognize that building crmodify is crucial, so my question is: What have to I be searching for in a crmodify card? Do you have any type of specific recommendations?

My personal costs mainly include rent payments, utilities and groceries.

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Edit: Thanks for all the responses everyone. I'll be acquiring a card this week, and also this information certainly helps. I've been paying off student loans for a few years, so that should aid. You men are excellent.


My first crmodify card is from Bank of America and I LOVE it. There's no annual fee which is really essential to me. It's also their cash rewards regimen so I get; 3% back on gas, 2% ago on groceries and also 1% ago on everything else. I just use it for gas and groceries. I would consider making use of it for a huge purchase just to get the rewards though. I constantly pay off the card in full every month. I don't usage it for extra money, I usage it for my crmodify score and also the rewards!

shop around on that... I had actually BOA rewards card for a long while... yet ultimately its not stacking up. I moved to am amazon card myself, bereason I spfinish a lot tbelow and also it has 5%. But there are cards via 1.5% on all purchases, and still have greater tiers for gas/grocery. Though unless you spend a huge amount of your money at these 2 areas, thats most likely not going to get rid of the base price at 1% vs 1.5%.

I would most likely execute a quick examine on Credit Fate or equivalent to first view if you have actually any kind of credit at all at the minute. If you've ever had actually any loans in the previous (Auto, Student, etc), then you could actually already have some crmodify.

As far as cards go, if you perform the above and also find out you have no credit, then I'd certainly look right into a secured crmodify card. Or if you have actually a family members member that has great crmodify that deserve to include you as an authorized user, that have the right to also aid. You have the right to likewise look right into student cards, but I don't understand exactly how those work-related if you're not proactively a student.

If you find that you do have some decent crmodify (625+ or so) then you have the right to more than likely obtain some of the decent starter cards. Learn IT, Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Unlimited, Capital One Quicksilver (assuming you desire cash back).

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In basic, I'd suggest you look right into your existing credit and also use that to weigh your alternatives.