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Traces of your voiceI understand it, I understand it for this reason wellWaking in the stormI deserve to feel you, I deserve to feel you v meCan i go again?Oh, her reckless, her reckless love goesI cannot defendThis untamed love is waitingI to be standing on the edgeTake me over, take it me overSee how fast this life can changeTake me further, command me furtherTake me over, take me overFind my life aheadOh, ns don’t know, ns don’t understand whereBut I’m beginning on mine wayWill you fulfill me, will you fulfill me there?Echoes in the nightLike a melody is haunting meBut then I accomplish your eyesWith the fire the a climbing sunDo you believe a life have the right to change?Take me over, take me over
take it Me Over text © global Music posting Group, important MUSIC PUBLISHING, native & MUSIC A DIV OF huge DEAL MUSIC LLC, place MUSIC INC.
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