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Limited-time event Offers brand-new and standard Lobster Dishes featuring a selection of Flavors and also Preparations


ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 6, 2017 / -- Lobsterfest, the can be fried celebration of everything lobster, is earlier at Red Lobster because that a minimal time! throughout Lobsterfest, guests room invited to discover the largest range of lobster dishes available all year, including four brand brand-new and five favorite lobster entrées that can be delighted in in a variety of craveable prepare – consisting of roasted, steamed, topped, grilled or stuffed. The Lobsterfest lineup also features brand-new appetizers, drinks and also desserts to match guests" meals.


Red Lobster invites guests to create their perfect Lobsterfest(R) dish v the NEW! Lobster Mix and also Match, featuring the an option of any kind of two tails indigenous four options - Creamy Shrimp-Topped Lobster Tail, Seafood-Stuffed Lobster Tail, steamed Maine Lobster Tail, or Grilled Maine Lobster Tail.

During Red Lobster"s Lobsterfest(R), guests can enjoy the Lobster Lover"s Dream, a return guest-favorite, featuring a succulent roasted absent lobster tail and also sweet separation Maine lobster tail, steamed and also served with Lobster-and-Shrimp Linguine Alfredo.

"With the largest an option of lobster dishes ever before on the menu, there yes, really is something because that every seafood lover – even if it is it"s sweet Maine lobster, roasted absent lobster tail or lobster paired with steak, shrimp, pasta or fish," stated Dustin Hilinski, executive, management Chef and also Director, Culinary in ~ Red Lobster. "Lobsterfest is an amazing time that year whereby we gain to showcase what we perform best and also deliver the can be fried seafood dining experience for our guests."

"Lobsterfest is a time for families and also friends, pair and new acquaintances, to come together and share a important delicious, craveable meal with each other – no matter the occasion," stated Danielle Connor, SVP of menu Strategy & Development. "Whether it"s because that Valentine"s Day, an exceptional report card, a birthday, date night or "just because," Lobsterfest is the perfect event for our guest to celebrate your "lobsterworthy" moments."

Throughout Lobsterfest, guests are invited to usage the hashtag – #lobsterworthy – on society media to share your moments or occasions that room so distinct they can only be commemorated by enjoy it lobster. Guest can likewise engage through the brand on Red Lobster"s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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To watch the finish Lobsterfest menu, find a restaurant place or to sign up with the Fresh catch Club, visit Red Lobster"s website.

About Red Lobster Seafood Co.Red Lobster is the world"s largest seafood restaurant company, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., through an impressive heritage and an even brighter future. Together a private company owned by gold Gate Capital, Red Lobster is focused on transferring freshly ready seafood in ~ reasonable price - served in a lively, modern seaside atmosphere. With 58,000 employees in end 700 restaurants in the U.S. And also Canada, and a cultivation international footprint, Red Lobster is much more committed than ever to be not simply the best seafood restaurant, however the best. To find out more, visit or find us on facebook at or Twitter in ~