Group: Chapter 2 - Horseshoe Overlook

Category: Story Mission

In stimulate to begin this mission, friend must very first complete leave Pursued by a Bruised Ego and also Money Lending and also Other Sins ns - III missions and also then walk to the Emerald Ranch and talk come Hosea. You will discover him close to the barn, chatting with Seamus.

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To prove their company credentials come the Emerald Ranch fence, Seamus, Arthur and Hosea effort to plunder a stagecoach native Old Bob Crawford at Carmody Dell.

Note: After completing this mission Seamus will certainly act as a Fence.

Gold Medal Checklist

Loot whatever from Carmody DellDon"t gain spottedDeliver the wagon to Emerald Ranch in ~ 1 minute 10 seconds

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Prior missions

To start The Spines of America you must first complete exit Pursued through a Bruised Ego and also Money Lending and Other Sins i - III.

Objectives that The Spines that America

1. Mountain your horse / walk to Carmody Dell

Go to Carmody Dell.

When you come at your destination, you will certainly leave your steeds away indigenous the buildings so the no one will notification your arrival.

2. Monitor Hosea come scope out Carmody Dell / Look in ~ the house through her binoculars

Come come the rock from behind which Hosea is observing the house.

Use her binoculars and also look in ~ the house.

Hosea will educate you about the situation and also ask you in ~ what time of work you want to shot to stealing the stagecoach. Job or night. If you room going to knife a gold medal, girlfriend should select the night.

3. Sneak as much as Carmody Dell

During the day, Hosea will entice the inhabitants of the house outside, and also keep them busy talking for some time. Throughout this time, sneak right into the house from behind and collect items worth a total of $45. The amount girlfriend have gathered will be shown in the optimal left edge of the screen.

At night the farm yard owner and also his son must sleep in their beds so friend can go into the residence by any door and also you have actually plenty that time. All you need to do is collection items worth $45, but of course it"s finest to collect everything to knife a yellow medal. You will certainly collect an ext than $200 this way.

4. Plunder the Home

In order to complete one that the gold medal requirement - "Loot whatever from Carmody Dell", you need to loot everything detailed below:

1st floor bedroomCabinet - it"s under the window, that has four drawers.Medicine Chest - it"s top top the wall.Chest - that is was standing by the bed.

1st floor life roomChest - it stands in between the former door and also the table.Kentucky Bourbon -the bottle"s on the table.Cigarette Card - you"ll discover it ~ above the window sill. More than likely it is not required, but you need to still take it it. I myself took the card before I got this mission.Apple - it"s top top the kitchen counter.Carrot -it"s on the kitchen counter.Chimney - find it and also you"ll find a lot of cash hidden in it.

2nd floor bedroomWardrobe - and also all drawers below it.Chest - it"s through the bed.

5. Gain to the Barn unseen / discover Hosea outside / obtain on the Stagecoach

If it"s daytime, head out the door you came in through, and head to the barn.

Sit in the coachman"s seat.

At night, Hosea and the stagecoach will certainly be wait for girlfriend in front of the house.

6. Return the stagecoach come Emerald Ranch / journey the stagecoach into the Barn

To satisfy the yellow medal requirements, you have to return to Seamus in 1 minute and also 10 seconds. Journey the shortest possible route and keep your horses galloping at all times. Shot to overcome the stream wherein its banks are low and flat. Go around the town on the ideal to stop "slow traffic" on the town roads.

7. Talk to Hosea

At the end, talk to Hosea and decide even if it is you desire to return through him to your camp or stay where you are.

From now, Seamus will certainly be a Fence whereby you can also sell stolen wagons.

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Visit a Fence to market valuables, buy illegal goods, or handmade Talismans and Trinkets.