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Red Dead Redemption 2 consists of a first-perkid mode that extends with the whole game, permitting players to gain up cshed and also personal with the twilight of the Wild West.

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We played Red Dead Redemption 2 at publisher Rockstar Games’ headquarters in New York City previously this month, and also briefly tried out the first-perboy mode. It’s dead basic to enter: On the PlayStation 4, you have the right to press the controller’s touchpad in order to cycle in between three perspectives at any kind of time: third-perkid, first-perboy and cinematic camperiods.

Rockstar says it’s possible to play the whole game in first-person — gunfights, fisticuffs, steed riding, on-foot expedition, conversations via other personalities, you name it. Obviously, cutscenes won’t readjust, however aside from that, the option in between first-perboy and also third-perkid views is yours.

The middle segment of our demo started with Arthur Morgan, Red Dead Redemption 2’s primary character, hanging out on the prairie with his equine. Building a bond with your steed is a crucial facet of the game, and that contains riding your steed and also taking treatment of it. For circumstances, your equine companion’s coat will certainly gradually accumulate dust, dirt and other grime, and also it’ll be up to you to clean it, because a soiled equine will certainly have lessened stats.

Rockstar Games/YouTube You deserve to clean off your steed by riding with a body of water, or by using a integrated alternative (and one that will certainly let you stay dry): If you’re standing alongside your steed, you have the right to press a button to “study” it and one more button to brush its coat. We tried this in first-perkid mode, and the perspective really mirrors off just just how a lot information Rockstar has actually put right into the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. We could watch dust pshort articles coming off the equine as Arthur pulled the brush throughout its coat, as well as individual hairs in the animal’s mane.

Of course, this isn’t the initially Rockstar game to incorpoprice a first-perkid check out. Many famously, Grand Theft Auto 5’s developers included a first-perkid mode to the game for its port to PS4, Windows PC and also Xbox One. But the more meditative human being of Red Dead might be better suited to that perspective than the high-speed automobile chases of Grand also Theft Auto, where the fast-paced action of modern-day life deserve to have actually the tendency to overwhelm the senses.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is set for release Oct. 26 on PS4 and also Xbox One. For more, inspect out our thorough manual impressions.