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house culture 'Star battles Rebels' season 3 episode 8 spoilers: Millenium Falcon look-alike and smuggler Dash Rendar make an appearance

Star wars Rebels logo design from Lucasfim websiteDisneyXD

It looks favor "Star Wars" fans may obtain to watch a acquainted ship zooming in and also out together with a certain room smuggler during the upcoming "Star battles Rebels" season 3 episode, "Iron Squadron."

Last Sunday, Disney XD released a preview clip because that the newest illustration of the 3rd season of "Star battles Rebels," the space-battle filled episode "Iron Squadron" and it looks prefer the trailer provides fans a glimpse of one oh-so familiar ship, the notoriously popular Millenium Falcon. The preview episode opens up with the Ghost Crew do the efforts to evaluate an incoming battle with a group of TIE fighters, and also viewers get to check out a the royal Fighters chasing down what seems to be the Millenium Falcon throughout the first couple of seconds of the clip.

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"They've got cargo of some kind, perhaps they're smugglers" Hera thinks the end loud.

In the preview, the Ghost team then decide to send the Phoenix rebel team to assist the Millenium Falcon-look alike cargo ship as it tries to shoot down the TIE ships and also the royal transport on its own.

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According to Comicbook, the Millenium Falcon look-alike is a YT-2400 Freighter, a ship that's often used by an are smuggler's due to the fact that of sturdiness, speed and also the ships capability for simple modification. YT-2400 is the same version as Han Solo's Millenium Flacon, yet it seems favor the delivery belongs come someone entirely else. Referred to as the "Outrider," the delivery was provided by Dash Rendar, a rogue an are smuggler. Favor Admiral Thrawn, Dash Rendar originates from the "Star battles Legends" expanded universe and also to find him comes in come the canon segment of the "Star Wars" franchise with "Star wars Rebels" is exciting for fans.

The description of the illustration reads:

"Iron Squadron:Ezra and also Sabine team approximately tame a rogue young hotshot pilot and also his crew that recklessly hazard their lives in a fight to defend their home civilization from imperial occupation."