ns was wonder if everyone knew any kind of other unit volume or idioms because that "the fruits of our/your labour"?I want to use it in the context, the a graduation speech, ~ above how hard they"ve worked and also how far they"ve come, that they"re now about to obtain the degree they"ve been working so tough for, over the last few years.

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You can use the expression:

To reap the services of one"s work, an interpretation to collect the optimistic results of your work.

By dint of is an idiom the speaks of:

because that something; as result of the initiatives of something. (Dint is one old word meaning "force," and also it is never ever used other than in this phrase.) They obtained the structure finished ~ above time through dint of tough work and good organization. By dint of lot studying, John obtained through college.

Hard miles:

If you have actually done the hard miles, you have actually done the hard an overwhelming work and also that renders you eligible come comment or get involved in something.




How around just deserts?

From Dictionary.com:

get/receive/etc. One"s (just) deserts: to it is in punished or bonus in a manner appropriate to one"s action or behavior

You graduation speech:

You"ve all functioned so hard and also come for this reason far, girlfriend are now receiving your just deserts.

Consider the expression blood, sweat, and tears.

blood, sweat, and tears: (fig.) the signs of great personal efforts.


After years of blood, sweat, and also tears, they finally earned a college degree.

Hard work pays turn off in the end...

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The words blood, sweat, time, fruit and also idioms favor burning midnight oil is all connected with the ax "hard work".My idiom is "the type of fruit friend recieve is the kind of particle which girlfriend sow." right here it means that for every little thing intention you sow her seed for, to speak greed and you sow it with anger then the fruit you receive in the end is bitter with greed and rotten v the wrath that your own anger.Also "What friend invest is what you receive".Means that-If you invest anger,greed and also dishonesty then what you"ll get is the same-"bitter failure", however if girlfriend invest difficult work, honesty and good thoughts climate what you"ll receive is "sweet fruit the success".

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