Like any reunion special, we acquire a couple of touching moments, yet a huge part the the special was dedicated to Aaron just being Aaron.

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Where is Alexx?

To do a sad story short, per Ashlee, who is very much in love with Alexx, he had actually a flu virus. Claimed virus was ignored through the hospital at least three times. Many thanks to calling 911 and also an ambulance, Alexx to be admitted the 4th time, and a litany of issues were discovered. First, the virus spread to his brain. Second, his lung collapsed. Third, he has actually suffered kidney damage.

Now, let me remind you, Alexx is a organization owner, self-employed, for this reason that method he might not have health insurance come cover every this (his Go fund Me claims he doesn’t). Also, if he isn’t working, he can not it is in making any money, depending upon how he has actually his company setup. So, if inclined, the link below is to the GoFundMe web page being run by his mother.

Ready to Love: Dr. Lexy, Darnell, Shea, Michael, Stormy, pastor Chris

Before we obtain to Michael and Shea, it should be detailed Dr. Lexy is engaged to be married. Also, pastor Chris and also Stormy seemingly room doing what lock should have done in the an initial place – never mind the show and just date. Together for Darnell? Well, the quiet man we observed in the very first episode no there. What might have showed up to be a quiet, a shy type of brother, gained a entirety lot of personality. The type which the ladies most likely would have actually welcomed over Aaron, yet we’ll get to that in a moment.

Moving onto Michael and also Shea, as of now they seemingly space close friends. Not because they don’t love one another, yet when the show was over there to be a little of a panic with Shea, and that resulted in them both needing to take a step ago – reevaluate things. However, in situation you thought they would save us as much as date? HA! It isn’t going come happen. Michael pushes the idea there will be tiny to nothing placed out over there so don’t expect a spin-off, a wedding special, a baby special, nobody of that. There could be a society media announcement however don’t harangue him or Shea about it. This is your life; us just got to spectate a part of it.



Show the ring

Is it wrong ns don’t want a spin-off or to have these folks be on a second season? mental you, it might be interesting to check out Shanta discover love, Tiffany, Darnell, and also many the the actors in the reunion. The point is though, as stated throughout many of the recaps, the layout of this present I nothing think works for these kinds of people. The whole elimination procedure breeds and attracts Aaron species who treat this favor a competition fairly than, as frequently said, “a journey.”

Plus, i can’t foresee numerous wanting to execute this end again, also knowing exactly how things go down. For just the sheer embarrassment can be also much. Also, when some could justify what happens, as Dr. LExy did, together feeling like they space being offered by God to provide women the end there representation, who wants to do that on nationwide TV? Who desires to perform that in the social media age where whatever you say and do have the right to be choose apart? Heck, who would desire to carry out that when, choose Melinda, you may feel the need to keep receipts just in situation the method someone acts upon camera is different than exactly how they act as soon as that red irradiate is off?

The attempt of Aaron: Aaron, Angel, Melinda, Stormy, Shatava, Courtney

To to speak this whole segment, which dominated the episode, was a warm mess would certainly be one understatement. Aaron, who seemingly must not recognize OWN is in a many people’s homes, and social media exists, yes, really digs himself a nice host throughout the reunion. I’m talking going ago and forth with Stormy, Shatava, Courtney, Melinda, and Angel sitting there trying to come because that his defense. Bless she heart.

But it it s okay so bad that also the males who didn’t make it previous episode 2 resolve Aaron to shot to do him see he is making points worse. That trying to offer hope, current a dream, was stupid and also manipulative. Because that these women, every these women came ~ above the show ready come love, find marriage, and also maybe discover a nice man to have actually some kids. Lock didn’t concerned this show, authorize waivers, and date. Finding someone to invest time v was never an issue, it to be finding someone who wanted to resolve down. This is especially true since they’re previous that suggest of wanting to contact someone your boyfriend. They desire a husband.

And that seems, after only Angel, hemming and hawing after ~ a specific point, being the just one top top his side, he offers a half-ass apology. One i m sorry sounds favor he is make the efforts to be genuine, but one might argue he was conserving face. After all, that is one point if that is simply that person who friend disagree with, however damn near everybody? include in Aaron can the form who disregards what women say however will hear to a man mansplain the exact thing stated to him, it seems something may have actually seeped in.



Melinda: ns gonna make certain it’s documented.

I hate dogging Aaron, however there aren’t any excuses that deserve to be produced him. The can’t manage criticism, the is the reason these females looked in the direction of a show, a truth show, to uncover love, and yet look that they tho found. That frustrating. Especially due to the fact that you understand it is guys like that that make that so women have actually trust issues, insecurities, have their guard up, and also make men they satisfy in the future need to work double as hard. Which, based on the means they talk about Atlanta, ns can’t foresee a lot of them participating in.

So here is hoping whatever Angel look at in him, again, bless her heart, will come to pass. Because that he’s acquiring a little bit old for someone to it is in talking around his potential.

Other significant Facts & Moments

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

We’re beautiful stories, we simply don’t belong in the exact same book. — Tiffany


Aaron was acquiring told turn off left and right. Not since of the entertainment factor (okay a small bit) but due to the fact that he holds solid in this idea he to be a nice guy. Every the while, saying things, occasionally within the very same breath, prove he isn’t.Lexy gift engaged.Alexx being stated both in the beginning and end was excellent, quite than treating his absence like the elephant in the room.Michael and Shea remind viewers, as much as they room #Goals, being such takes work.

Low Point

Way too much time was invested on Aaron and also the drama castle knew he’d bring. Do Ashlee having to come out there no only vital but likewise proving a bit too lot of this was specialized to whatever ill will might be lugged up. Not also to squash beef however to view what can get caught on camera.

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