Gelatonium factory, Cobalia Smashing good Time: damage all crates. I Should have Gone down In A Barrel: go over both the the gel waterfalls in the gelatin factory. Giant Hunter: death all 4 Basillisk leviathans in the Cobalia wilderness. Stratus City, Kortog Wrench Ninja 3: Use just the wrench to make it come the robo-wings segment. We Don't require No Stinkin' Bridges: cross The tripad sequence using gel cube bounces. Surface-to-air Plasma Beasts: Take the end 3 flying targets making use of the Plasma Beasts. Been Around: Take-off native every robo-wing pad in Stratus City. Voron Asteroid Belt Collector's Addition: collection all 10 cargo containers. Mine Sweeper: Clear the end 10-15 mines. Whats That, R2?: Barrel role 10 Times. royal Fight Festival, Mukow I Think I'm going To be Sick: ride the ferris wheel 5 time without taking damage. Fast and also Firey-ous: use the charge boots to cross the leg to the arena without being burned. One Heckuva Peep Hole: ~ recieving the Geo-Laser, take back the route to the arena and also blast the wall surface open. Nundac Asteroid Ring, Apogee room Station Alphabet City: Teleport to every of the 6 asteroids in alphabetical order (Alpha > Beta > Gamma > Delta > Epsilon > Zeta). Knock You down to Size: Wrench slam 5 Cerullean Centipedes. Dancin through The Stars: do 5 adversaries dance at as soon as on one asteroid. Pirate Base, Ardolis Taste O' Yer own Medicine: destroy all Corsairs v the Combuster. Preemptive Strike: damage 5 thwogs while they room still sleeping. It's a Mutanty Cap'n!: change 5 pirates right into penguins in one shot. Rakar Star cluster You Sunk mine Battleship!: Shoot down at least 75% of the flying ships. Pretty lights: finish the level there is no destroying any of the snatchers. I've obtained Places come Be: death the ceo in much less than 2:30. Lava refineries, Rykan V The customer Is not (Always) Right: damage 18 customer bots in the area close to your ship. Live Strong: complete the Gyro-Cycle area in under 1:45. Untouchable: Don"t take damages while control the Gyro-Cycle. outpost L-51, Sargasso It Sounded prefer A Freight Train: acquire 11 anthropods in one tornado. Head Examine: land on the head of all 5 Troglosaurs in Sargasso. Extinction: kill all the Sargasso Grunthers. IRIS supercomputer, Kreeli Comet Lombaxes Don't favor Cold: Break all the breakable icicles. Mow under Hoedown: use turrets to damage 10 dance pirates. Saucy Wrench: ruin all 4 campfire Cauldrens through the wrench. Zordoom prison, Viceron Dancin' on The Ceiling: properly use a Groovitron while on a gravity ramp. Seared Ahi: use the Pyro Blaster on 3 Drophyd Creatures after releasing them from your robotic suits. Verigris black Hole Expert Marksman: death 75% of all the enemies. Can't Touch This: prevent making contact with anything before fighting the boss. Pyew Pyew!: finish the level without an additional fire. Kerchu City, Jasindu Dead Aim: destroy 3 destructible towers if on the pirate barges. Fire v fire: death 2 Kerchu Pyroguards through the Pyro Blaster. Slag Fleet, Ublik passage Six gun Salute: get six pirates in a heat to salute come Ratchet when in the pirate disguise. Cragmites ruins, Reepor Gotta record Them All: Hit all cragmite soldiers v the Mag-Net Launcher. Meridian City, Igliak Stay Still therefore I deserve to Shoot You!: use strafe upper and lower reversal 10 times while fighting cragmite soldiers. Now Boarding...: finish the Gyro bicycle area in 0:55 seconds. Low flying Owls: paris underneath an electrified obstacle in the robo wing segment. Lombax ruins, Fastoon Nowhere to Hide: ruin every item of breakable cover. general No, Up her Arsenal: update every weapon to its best level. Roflcopter: revolve one opponent into a penguin then usage the visicopter to damage it. Golden Children: uncover all the yellow bolts. Cheapskate: purchase a solitary combuster shot. Everybody run Now: do every kind of foe in the game dance. Chorus Line: acquire 11 enemies to dance together at the same time. Happy feat: get 9 penguins to dance at the very same time. Disco Inferno: usage the Groovitron followed by the Pyro Blaster. Bolts in the Bank: offer 20 leviathan souls come the smuggler. It's favor The southern Pole Here: turn 15 enemies and/or citizens into penguins in ~ the same time. Say Hello to My tiny Friend: death 15 opponents with one RYNO shot. For The Hoard: get every combat device. Promoted come Inspector: obtain every gadget. Global Thermonuclear War: acquire every weapon. It's Even much better The second Time: Complete difficulty mode. The Hardest the Core: Get every little thing else in the game.

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