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Rasheem Green, DLSchool: USC | Conference: PAC 12College Experience: small | Age: 20Height / Weight: 6-4 / 275 lbsProjected draft Status: 2nd Round or 3rd RoundNFL Comparison: Emmanuel Ogbah

College Statistics

Player Overview

Rasheem green was one of USC’s many productive and also disruptive happen rushing forces this past year. Environment-friendly was a 5-star prospect coming the end of Gardena, California and was recruited nationally by just around every optimal program. He made decision to remain close come home and attend USC whereby he got immediate play time as a freshman. Environment-friendly really began making a surname for himself during his sophomore season (2016) as soon as his production increased. This past year green was USC’s sack leader. Green has a long and also somewhat lean frame. Interestingly sufficient Green weighed much more at the time of his recruitment (290) than he weighs now. Size-wise green fits ideal as a prototypical 4-3 DE but I can see an debate for him becoming a DE in a basic 3-4 too if that gains weight again. Green is a raw player and a properties prospect. ~ above film, you deserve to see flashes of his potential and also if that can include strength and get coaches up by adding a couple of more happen rushing move he should satisfy that potential. Eco-friendly can exploit interior gaps and also rush off the edge, he is surprisingly agile and works fine in chop spaces. He demands to acquire stronger and also improve his awareness however I have the right to see why scouts room excited about him.


Great size size and also athleticism for the position. His structure has plenty of room to include weight if he needs to. Good initial quickness and also burst off the snap. Top top occasion, you have the right to see that time his get off just right and also chain an eight over move as an interior rusher that completely exploits the guard’s inside shoulder and collapses the pocket. When rushing turn off the edge he deserve to usually get off block with respond to moves. Eight long enough that he have the right to reach over and rattle the QB.Continues to work also when initially stopped got a couple of sacks based on pure tenacity alone.Plays v his hand up and also has one impressive variety of passes safeguarded as a DL.


Rushes through his head down and will lose sight the the ball. In its entirety awareness demands to improve.Doesn"t offer lot resistance together a operation stopper and also likely a pure rush finish or situational player in ~ the next level uneven he can vastly boost there. Raw possibility who still demands to build his body and figure the end his strengths as well as add pass sirloin moves. Semi irreversible investment task - the team the drafts the will have actually their re-superstructure of coaching come do. I wouldn"t expect him to start his rookie or even 2nd year.

Let’s see his work:

AFC Scout says Rasheem eco-friendly would have actually been a optimal 10 pick next year had actually he come ago to #USC:

— Shotgun Spratling (

Intrigued through USC DL Rasheem Green. Might be a Jason Hatcher-type 5T. Worthy optimal 75 pick.

— Chad Reuter (

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The good DT Rasheem Green... Quickness/hand usage... Ideal intake SAM LB/4-3 DE and also kick inside to work versus OGs in subpackages.. High motor/effort

— Ben Fennell (

How He would certainly Fit ~ above The Redskins

The Redskins need defensive line assist now therefore I can see the potential aversion come drafting a player with a high pick and expecting him to not contribute that lot initially. The being claimed if the AFC enlightenment (and others like him) is right green will be fine worth the patience and also investment. He needs at the very least a year in one NFL strength and also conditioning program and needs to take in every he have the right to from coaches and also veteran players however if his advancement goes appropriate he could be among the peak pass-rushing defensive ends in the league in a few years and also possibly even much more versatile as a operation defender. Green absolutely has most of the physical traits required for the protective end position in both schemes. I can see that in multiple alignments on the Redskins line. He could play DE in base packages but likewise move or stunt inside in even fronts. If eco-friendly fulfills his potential that in Jonathan Allen could be quite the pass-rushing duo for years.