Brave Frontier thousands of Heroes. Countless Players. It is in A Legend Now!Unleash her summoner powers and also save the people from corruption and darkness in this immersive and also addictive RPG Saga!


July 2021 Monthly News


Jul. 08, 00:00 PST ~ Aug. 04, 23:59 PST

Summoners! A brand-new month has actually arrived in grand Gaia and also has carried some amazing rewards! Make certain to login daily throughout our Brave to explode 2021 Login Campaign!

Check out the details in the in-game news!


Jul. 07, 00:00 PST - Jul. 28, 23:59 PST

The path to the Frontier Spire is opening as soon as again…

Amidst the plenty of blips top top the monitors the the Akras Summoner Hall survey Office, one power signature stood the end from the rest. Referred to as as the Frontier Spire, no one really knows when and how this towering framework came about.

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Determined to find out the nature the the Spire, the Akras Summoner Hall has sent the end requests for all willing and able Summoners to check out the Spire to uncover any type of mysteries in ~ it. Your service will it is in duly rewarded!


Vortex Arena Season 8: Infernal ShowdownJul. 22, 00:00 PST - Jul. 26, 23:59 PST

Strike under your opponents from the shadows once again! Vortex Arena returns through Season 8: Infernal Showdown! rally your finest Fire-element units and also put your adversaries into the ground!


Colosseum Season 65

Jul. 07, 00:00 PST - Jul. 27, 23:59 PST

The Colosseum is a combat stadium wherein players deserve to put their units to the check in a vain battle versus each various other while earning Colosseum fight Points (CBP) come exchange because that items in Colosseum Rewards.


Souls Training soil x2 EXP

Jul. 08, 00:00 PST - Jul. 14, 23:59 PSTJul. 22, 00:00 PST - Jul. 28, 23:59 PST

Summoner maintain Camp x2 EXP

Jul. 15, 00:00 PST - Jul. 21, 23:59 PSTJul. 29, 00:00 PST - Aug. 04, 23:59 PST

½ power on Vortex

Jul. 15, 00:00 PST - Jul. 31, 23:59 PST

x4 EXP (First 3 Maps: Mistral, Morgan, St. Lamia)


Note: These occasion bonuses might not apply to selected brand-new content due to game balancing.

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Enjoy the permanent evolution Dungeons Madness! farm for your much-needed development Materials come evolve your units right into majestic heroes & demigods!


Brave Frontier global Team


Daily Ranking Rewards:


Exclusive sphere Reward for peak 1500:

Gloaming Crown

60% every parameters (Dark), 2 turns spark vulnerability infliction <20%>, 150% spark damage, filling BB gauge <15 BC> each revolve & 1 KO resistance once HP is listed below 30%.