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At R and R Tile and also Carpet, we strive to provide each client a beautiful long-lasting project they can be proud of for years and also years come come.

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posted on February 24, 2015. lugged to girlfriend by foursquare.

Reviewed organization R&R tile & Carpet firm Reviewer surname skylewis513 Review day January 17, 2014 average Rating 5
great job!

generally I am not leaving any type of reviews to any kind of business or agency that I deal with. This is just my very first time due to the fact that I want to recommend R and also R brick & Carpet or have to I say roger Labbe Jr. I favor the last product of my kitchen. Ns was reasoning of a full renovation of my kitchen yet when roger told me the he will regulate it. Ns leave whatever to him and also to my surprise it looked all an excellent as new. Ns am an extremely impressed. Save up the great work and also I will certainly recommend friend to my friends and relatives also :)

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extremely Recommended! typical Rating 100

I am really impressed through R and R Tile and also Carpet. My tiles looking great as new. I believed this would never gain fixed however I to be wrong. I really favor what they have actually done to my flooring. Thanks again R and R Tile and also Carpet.

post by curtis.smith22 ~ above December 14, 2013. brought to girlfriend by ezlocal.

ns am a really happy customer. typical Rating 100

I saw the job-related of Roger through my friend and I must say the he walk a top quality job. I referred to as him last week and give me a great price for the an excellent quality job. Say thanks to you roger I will contact you again for new job.

posted by by Kehvin G. In ~ Judy"s book on December 13, 2013. brought to friend by Judy"s Book.

typical Rating 100

Roger Labbe Jr. The owner of r&r Tile and also Carpet really carry out a great job on my bathroom. I was upset once I discovered my damaged tiles, ns was thinking that it won"t be addressed anymore. I contacted roger to carry out the repair and to my surprised it looked all good as new. I am really impressed through his work that is why ns am recommending him to my friends and also relatives. Give thanks to again roger of r & r Tile and Carpet .

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posted by jamesklee on December 13, 2013. carried to friend by brownbook.

Thank-you i get it Labbe JR typical Rating 100

I hired i get it Labbe JR recently to install my hardwood and also ceramic tile. Good Job in ~ a good price. Ns would absolutely recommend him come family and also friends. An excellent Luck

post by by Jaqcjk in ~ Citysearch on might 29, 2012. brought to friend by Citysearch.

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At R and also R Tile and Carpet, we strive to provide each customer a beautiful long-lasting job they can be proud of for years and years to come.

posted on January 18, 2014. carried to you by ezlocal.


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