Unassuming by day under genuine name Amy Renee Noonan is looking like she"s gonna make quite an impression together a singer/rapper v the attitude-filled moniker the Qveen Herby.

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"Sade In The 90s" finds Qveen Herby channeling part Love Deluxe spirit and delivering sass and also sex very nice by the truckload.

Switching in between smooth R&B vocals and also sharp raps, "Sade In The 90s" has some memorable lines furnished end 808s and rocksteady beats. You could be singing "orange soda / Deepak Chopra" and also "sex on the sofa / that"s my yoga" from now until next week.

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"This document is a mood and also a lifestyle influenced by the effortless glamour that Sade," claims Qveen Herby. "True power originates from letting go and also enjoying the ride."

It"s tough to incorporate humour with both attitude and musical chops, yet Qveen Herby somehow manages to pull it off on this playfully lust-filled gem.

"Sade In The 90s" is out today.
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