Apologies for the duplication. If you to be viewing this top top an iphone or iPad, 2 of the photos to be upside down. Hopefully, they’ve to be corrected.

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On Monday, September 12th, i departed Calgary on a an extremely early flight to Toronto on my method to Solon, Ohio, to tape 3 segments for Quilting arts TV series 1900. The flights were uneventful, and also I came down on KS Productions Studio about 1:00 p.m. To set up. Taping date was Tuesday, September 13th.

Preparing come land in Toronto. Gorgeous day currently that early on in the morning, because I left Calgary in the rain and 2 degrees Celsius!


It was so nice to be earlier at the Studio – brand-new location because that me in Solon – and see Katherine, Kathy, Kristine, Lynn and also Jeanne native Bernina. I likewise met mary Weidman, Ann Loveless who an extremely graciously gifted me one of her books and Heidi Lund. That is so nice to be in a room through all these really talented ladies and look at the amazing work that was on display! give thanks to you women for letting me ooohh and ahhhh over her artwork and for sharing tips and techniques.

At the end of a very long day, us all met for dinner at a Lebanese restaurant called Taza. Us were even able to sit outside and also enjoy the so late afternoon. We had actually a great meal. I need to say the the glass if alcohol I had with dinner linked with the lack of sleep … well, let’s just say that ns slept well after that! :)


From left come right: mary Weidman, Heidi Lund, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Ana Buzzalino, Kristine Lundblad and also Ann Loveless.

Tuesday was an additional sunny and warm day. Susan choose me up at the hotel and also drove me come the studio. I had actually an 8:00 a.m. Make-up date with the lover and very talented Karen, who as soon as again walk an amazing task with make up.

Here’s Susan doing openings and closings prior to taping through the guest artists.


This photograph is that the TV the sits in the area whereby we all set up and prepare for our time in former of the cameras; it’s good because you deserve to see and hear what’s walking on and how everyone else is doing.

Below are a couple of shots the the taping studio. Among the corners in the studio and a check out of the cameras indigenous the table whereby we sit to work.




Here’s a shooting of Susan and I – females in pink – gaining ready come tape the Segment on feathers in tight spaces. It will certainly be episode 1901-1.


I additionally taped a segment on modifying Photos ~ above PowerPoint – illustration 1904-2 – and on metal Leaf on towel – episode 1909-2. Watch my previous write-up for details.

Here’s Ellen Lindner all set to demo her dual reverse applique, which I assumed was exceptionally interesting. Ns will have actually to provide this method a try.


All in all, a very successful, really short trip. The was an excellent to be back.

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To anyone involved, add to the manufacturing crew, the camera crew, etc. A substantial thank you for making the look so effortless and also making united state look so good. It’s constantly a satisfied to watch you and work v you. Expect to come visit again soon.