"I can fucking dice here," said monarchs of the stone Age singer josh Homme of his band"s very first headlining display at Madison Square Garden before including with a worried laugh, "I don"t desire to dice here…

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Josh Homme of emperors Of The rock Age In Concert at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 24, 2017 in new York City.Theo Wargo/Getty Images

“I could fucking dice here,” said kings of the rock Age singer josh Homme of his band’s an initial headlining display at Madison Square Garden before including with a concerned laugh, “I don’t want to die right here —you know what i mean…We’rehere to dance!”


As the only original member the the band, which has actually seen plenty of guest musicians favor Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and also Mark Lanegan filter through, Homme has actually eagerly allowed QOTSA’s sound to morph over the two decades since the band’s self-titled debut was released. Constantly solidly grounded in tough rock, he has incorporated facets of dance, blues and rockabilly right into their music. And also their freshly released album Villains is no different: Co-produced through hit-maker mark Ronson, that “Uptown Funk!” fame, songs like “Feet Don’t fail Me” and “Domesticated Animals” have actually a pop-leaning, Bowie-esque bent.

The tape is right now a five-piece, yet Homme and his distorted etc riffs are plainly the main attraction. (Though all the members cohesively rocked red and also black clothing and instruments in ~ the MSG show, a information that went right down come the shining red bandana peaking the end of the earlier pocket the the singer’s all-black outfit.) “Where’s the drink? I need it back,” he quipped after the handed his cup to who in the audience and also then proceeded come forget the lyrics to “Make it Wit Chu.”

During the two-hour, 20-song set, Homme and Co. Played 6 songs turn off the brand-new LP (including existing Mainstream absent hit “The way You supplied to Do”) and also five from your previous album, 2013’s tastecraftedmcd.com 200-crowning …Like Clockwork — and there still to be plenty of room because that older access time such together “No One Knows,” “Go v the Flow” and “Little Sister” alongside such fan favorites together “Sick, Sick, Sick” and “You Think ns Ain’t precious a Dollar, yet I Feel choose a Millionaire.”

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At the end of the show, monarchs of the stone Age spotted supporting act imperial Blood crowd-surfing and also called lock up onstage to take it a second bow —and the English absent duo rightly deserved the extra attention. Your 50-minute set impressively filled the arena v aggressive absent stemming from simply two members: vocalist/bassist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher. Yup, their distinct brand of rock is made up of simple drum and also bass, through Kerr regularly wielding his instrument together if it to be a lead guitar, consisting of several outstanding solo riffs that made you perform a double-take. (To it is in fair, the did mix it increase a little bit on a couple songs through an really guitar and also a keyboard.) Stand the end tracks included “Figure that Out” and “I just Lie when I Love You,” which rocked the house in spite of a false-start.

Despite being a two-piece and having just two albums under your belt (including the recently released How did We gain So Dark), the pair used the arena-size stage well and played a tight, consistent set. And also like majesties of the rock Age, they had actually a feeling of feeling to boot: “Enjoy 50 minute of united state trying no to posesthe up,” claimed Kerr before cheekily presenting “the remainder of the band” by sharing a shot v the drummer.