THIS IS one ANIME ONLY discussion POST. Do NOT talk about THE MANGA beyond THIS EPISODE.----------------------------------------Huang Shaotian is as noisy as ever before xD

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I really liked this episode; it’s probably my favorite so far. Nice come see much more interaction between Ye Xiu and also Chen Guo this season. Last season was greatly Ye Xiu playing v everybody yet her, so it’s nice to view her in the spotlight part more, especially due to the fact that she’s significantly much more subdued after the OVAs. The agree chat group was great. Loved seeing few of the football player from part mid-tier teams showing up, specifically getting our an initial proper look in ~ Chu Yunxiu after she was briefly mentioned at the end of season 1. The characters they decided to give special introductions to confuses me, the Tyranny duo, Swoksaar, Vaccaria, Cloud Piercer, lock all make sense. Doubtful Demon, no so much. Fang Rui doesn’t even get to show up in the opening. Meanwhile, Xiao Shiqin (guy in the glasses top top the team v a girl native the OP) is featured top top the opening, yet his character, Life Extinguisher, it s okay no arrival even though we check out him connecting with the other vital players. Weird. Also, cynical Demon got way too cool and also unique that a design that the really caught me turn off guard, lol. The Huang Shaotian/Loulan Slash and also Huang Shaotian/Ye Xiu fights to be fun. The first time I observed the episode, i was kinda lukewarm ~ above them; but having rewatched it, I’m starting to evaluate a most the smaller moments, specifically Huang Shaotian’s distinct dodges versus each that his opponents. What really bugged me around the fights, though, was the audience. It was awkward exactly how they recycled several of the generic background character designs because that the pro players. Doubly so when we check out those design in the arena seconds after other characters with those very same designs to be marvelling in ~ Huang Shaotian and the others arriving in the game. One more thing the I found annoying to be the inconsistent placement of several of the an ext notable players. Fang Rui, specifics would periodically jump from sitting by self in one shooting to being in the center of the group of necessary players in the next. Not sure why lock didn’t just have all of the spectators sit on your own and do split-screens for as soon as they communicate with every other; would’ve looked far better and been easier to do. something smart about the illustration setup in TKA the I've always liked is just how a the majority of the subplots space an illustration long, however instead of act 1 episode for 1 subplot, they’ll have a subplot start in the center of one episode and end in ~ the start of the next. Because that example, in season 1, Huang Shaotian meets up with Ye Xiu in the second half of illustration 6, yet it gets concluded in episode 7. Normally, it helps to produce an illusion of this subplots taking place over a longer duration of time 보다 they actually do. This time, however, the present benefits from gift able to have a preview of the next episode there is no spoiling the finishing of the fight (assuming lock aren’t simply going to finish the fight with Shaotian simply screaming out the name of an attack and also that’s it).

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Speak of which, supervisor hyped because that Deception, he’s a pretty large fan-favorite character. Again, there were part noticeable problems with the audience, however I had actually tons that fun with pretty much whatever else.