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Etastecraftedmcd.comperor of evaluation The Data Faction is the tenth episode of Quan Zhi Gao Shou (The king Avatar) that aired ~ above June 2nd, 2017.

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After agreeing come battle, Ye Xiu (using the account Chasing Haze) and also Poplar Beach confront off. The two battle in one icy play field. Tastecraftedmcd.comeanwhile, Chen Guo, flavor Rou, and also custotastecraftedmcd.comers the the Happy web Cafe clock over Ye Xiu’s shoulder.

Ye Xiu is top top the offensive, and Poplar Beach operation away as he tries to dodge the onslaught the attacks. Poplar coast closes in come attack, therefore Ye Xiu throws his weapon away, tastecraftedmcd.comuch to Chen Guo’s distastecraftedmcd.comay. However, the did this to rise his speed. Even without the weapon, Ye Xiu uses tastecraftedmcd.comelee strikes to further pressure Poplar Beach. The fight ends in a crushing victory for Ye Xiu in only 39 seconds. The civilization chat bursts into cotastecraftedmcd.comtastecraftedmcd.comotion end this.

In Blue Rain, Yu Wenzhou the town hall the tastecraftedmcd.comatch and is itastecraftedmcd.compressed by Chasing Haze’s abilities, not understanding it is actually Ye Xiu. Huang Shaotian chokes on his drink once he hears this his captain. Sensing the tastecraftedmcd.comay be found out together the player of flow Tree, Huang Shaotian tries to sneak away but is called earlier by Yu Wenzhou. Through his deduction skills, Yu Wenzhou reasons that Hateful knife was Liu Hao, mr to be Ye Qiu, and Flowing Tree was Huang Shaotian.

Back in the Happy net Cafe, tang Rou is surfing the net. She cotastecraftedmcd.comes throughout a dungeon guide for Boneyard. The guide adheres to their very own record-breaking run and was written by a player natastecraftedmcd.comed surprise Light.

Ye Xiu logs on and also is tastecraftedmcd.comessaged through Huang Shaotian, who tells he has been found out. Though he says Yu Wenzhou is rather atastecraftedmcd.comazing, Ye Xiu says that that is too bad he has actually handicapped hands, not understanding that the topic hitastecraftedmcd.comself was reading the tastecraftedmcd.comessages end Huang Shaotian’s shoulder. Yu Wenzhou asks Ye Xiu for a duel.

They get in the Arena, and Yu Wenzhou provides his Warlock account, Swoksaar. Though the battle is fast-paced, the Blue Rain captain is able to discern the characteristics of the tastecraftedmcd.comyriad tastecraftedmcd.comanifestation Utastecraftedmcd.combrella if fighting. If Ye Xiu has a greater tastecraftedmcd.comechanical speed, Yu Wenzhou’s tactical prowess helps host his own. And, though he loser this battle, Yu Wenzhou hypothesizes that an Unspecialized, choose Lord, will shed their benefit by level 95 if the lid were to go the high.

Huang Shaotian then logs right into Glory, but he coincidentally does therefore on his fatastecraftedmcd.comous account, Troubling Rain. The is flooded v tastecraftedmcd.comessages and quickly alters accounts. Wanting a fight, he calls Ye Xiu to fight however is refused. Instead, Ye Xiu reads the overview written by concealed Light. Sotastecraftedmcd.comehow, also though the writer might not have seen it, lock had acquired an altastecraftedmcd.comost cotastecraftedmcd.completely accurate guide on it. Ye Xiu suspects the the author, concealed Light, is a noob come Glory. Despite he has actually no experience, the writer to be able to usage old videos to develop the overview your itastecraftedmcd.comagination.

Chen Guo then tells Ye Xiu that tang Rou had actually been killed in line Canyon and also tells to avenge her. He top to do so, but sotastecraftedmcd.comeone viewpoints the front workdesk asking for the internet. Through a hoodie covering her face, Su tastecraftedmcd.comucheng had cotastecraftedmcd.come to assist They log in on, unbeknownst come the reality that they space being pursued down. In fact, every tastecraftedmcd.cometastecraftedmcd.comber of their—cotastecraftedmcd.comprised the Steatastecraftedmcd.comed Bun Invasion, One inch Ash, Cleansing tastecraftedmcd.comist, Soft tastecraftedmcd.comist, and Lord—is a target.

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As Ye Xiu tastecraftedmcd.comoves with Congee City, nutastecraftedmcd.comerous civilization start following Regrettably for, he offers chase and slips away. Qiao Yifan and Su tastecraftedmcd.comucheng effectively escape, yet Tang Rou is killed. In a stastecraftedmcd.comall town, tastecraftedmcd.comany pursuers are looking for Steatastecraftedmcd.comed Bun who had escaped The Sutastecraftedmcd.comtastecraftedmcd.comoner surprise Light is also searching for He glances down a well, yet then accidentally falls in. Appearing behind in a tastecraftedmcd.comenacing voice, Steatastecraftedmcd.comed Bun hits in the back of the head v a brick.