I tried to start league of Legends today and also encountered this error PVP.net Patcher Kernel has Stopped Working, ns searched the on google and found the end that there are a many other players complaining around this issue. Apparently, a brand-new patch because that the game is accessible and the patcher is can not to start in order for it come patch the game.

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Below, you will uncover some workarounds to solve this issue and play the game in no time. I addressed my concern in 2 minutes through the following solution.

How i Fixed PVP.net Patcher Kernel has actually Stopped Working:

I found a straightforward workaround for this concern that addressed it because that me in simply 2 minutes. All the you have to do is operation the game in Administrator mode. To execute that right click your organization of Legends icon and click Run together Administrator. If this workaround won’t occupational for you check the remedies below.

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Go right into your league of Legends folder in C:/Riot GamesOpen up the “RADS” folder.Open increase the “Projects” folder.Open increase the “lol_air_client” folder.Open up the “releases” folder.Open increase the folder that’s in there. It alters every patch, however contains the very same stuff.Delete the two documents named “S_OK” and “release manifest”Open up the “deploy” folder.Delete the “logs”, “META-INF”, “lol.properties”, and also “LoLClient.exe”Restart your Patcher.It will certainly repatch the current patch you had actually just downloaded.This will usually solve it. If not I imply trying to do a repair from the patcher’s options. It takes indigenous 10-20 minutes.


“Exactly what the location says, been happening to me because it went down last night…It was working fine, I had actually reinstalled the right before the patch walk live, and also downloaded the patch, mine brother controlled to play an ARAM every the way through, however the second one ended due to the server walking down….And it hasn’t been able to get past me dual clicking the exe icon due to the fact that then”

You might likewise have some problems with your net connection, you could be in some human being regions from whereby you can’t accessibility the game. Load/access her all-time favorite gamings from any component of the world with windows 7 virtual desktop with much better GPU acceleration v 24*7 commendable tech-support native Apps4Rent.com, add complete office suite to the same desktop computer by visiting O365CloudExperts

I’ve just had actually this problem too, after installation the PBE, to deal with it I went into task manager -> processes and also ended LoLLauncher, opened and it operated fine.. Hope this helps!

We hope the our quick guide aided you resolve your PVP.net Patcher Kernel has Stopped Working error and also that now you room able come start organization of Legends. If friend have any other inquiries please comment below and also we will help you deal with your game. – tastecraftedmcd.com Team

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