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maybe you"ve got holiday cash burning a hole in her pocket. Maybe you just love gaming. Either way, you"re wondering whether you have to import a hot brand-new PlayStation Vita handheld gaming system from Japan, and you"ve probably gained some questions around how to execute it. Trust us, we"ve had actually those exact same thoughts. Find the answer below!

So what is this Vita thing, anyways?

Merely the many potent portable gaming handheld ever before made. The game stations Vita (formerly next Generation Portable) is a quad-core game system v graphics performance approximately twice that of the iPad 2, through a gorgeous five-inch AMOLED screen, twin analog sticks, former and back touchpad, a D-pad, eight buttons and six-axis activity controls. The conventional unit includes Wi-Fi, yet there"s also a 3G variant that adds gps as well. We gave the Japanese version an 8.5 in our complete review.

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Why would I desire to purchase one from Japan?

Two month to be on top of the world. It"s approximately you: if you wait till February 22nd, 2012, friend can uncover one in ~ your regional retailer in the US, UK, or Canada, and also it"ll walk on sale in Australia and new Zealand the job after. You can also buy this "First Edition" bundle to get your Vita one week front of the crowd. However, if you"ve acquired the vacation cash to income one indigenous Hong Kong or Japan, you could be spending the next two month wowing your friends.

Is it region-free?

Yes, and also that"s the ideal part. Follow to Sony, the playstation Vita"s game cards have actually no an ar lock. You should be able placed US video game cards into your Japanese mechanism (or Japanese cards right into a UK system, or HK cards right into a us system...) and also everything have to work just fine. Downloadable games and also content are a various story, though: favor with the PS3 and also PSP, over there are different versions the the PlayStation store for every region, and you can only have downloadable content from among them... At a time, at last. Check out "I heard you can only have one PSN account every Vita" listed below to learn more about that.

Do I need to know how to review Japanese?

Not at all. Among the very first things you"ll see after you turn the Vita top top (after a size introductory video) is a display screen where girlfriend can set the language because that the whole system. Mind you, a tiny bit that Japanese wouldn"t pains if you"re planning come visit the Japanese digital download keep or purchase certain games, yet Vita flagship title Uncharted: gold Abyss deserve to be played totally in English, and both ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and also BlazBlue: Continuum change Extend actually have English menus with Japanese subtitles. Also, look because that "Asia versions" the import gamings for higher English possibilities.

How do I charge up the battery?

In phibìc America, it"s as easy as have the right to be: the AC adapter is a 100-240V 50-60Hz model, for this reason you deserve to just plug the two-prong cord right into the wall surface and begin playing best away. All you"ll require to adjust in the UK is the plug, and since the Vita"s adapter has actually a traditional figure-eight (two-pin) detachable strength cord, you might even have one lying about the house. Also, remember that one finish of the fee cable is USB, and you have the right to charge from a computer when the Vita is switched off.

How lot is it? Where execute I buy?

There"s the rub: if you desire your Vita early, be prepared to pay v the nose. As soon as it come in the US, a typical PlayStation Vita will cost $249.99, however importers space charging nearly dual for the system. We"re see the Wi-Fi design for as low together $479.90 in ~ NCSX, $489 at Play-Asia, and $499.99 at YesAsia and JapanVideoGames, with the 3G variant transferring a $20-$50 premium over that. Expect to pay $15-$30 for shipping as well. We"re listening Sony is momentarily offered out, but if you"ve got any type of friends in Japan or in Hong Kong, you might want to call in those favors they fan you the minute stock choose up.

Do I require anything as well as the Vita hardware itself?

Yes, you"ll need one of Sony"s proprietary storage cards. Friend can"t even start particular games, consisting of Uncharted, there is no a memory map for your save files, and you"ll also virtually certainly want extra room for downloadable titles. Sony just confirmed that gravity Rush, one of the best-looking games we"ve checked out for the Vita, will certainly be only be available to download native PSN in the UK, and also if that"s whereby you reside and what girlfriend want, you might need a larger memory card. Again, you"re looking at a hefty import fee. Girlfriend can find the 4GB memory card for as low together $35, but expect to pay as much as $60 for an 8GB chip (or $90 for 16GB) come cover your bases.

What games can ns get?

The must-have title is certainly Uncharted: golden Abyss, and if you"re a fan of fighting games Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and also BlazBlue: Continuum transition Extend look choose winners too. Admittedly, those fighters space ports of gamings currently easily accessible on residence console, therefore they"re not precisely killer apps themselves. Here"s what else you can gain from Japan:

Army Corps of HellAsphalt: InjectionDark quest Alliance (Dungeon Hunter Alliance)Makai Senki Disgaea 3 Return (Disgaea 3: absence of Detention)Dream society Zero PortableShin Sangoku Musou following (Dynasty warrior Next)F1: 2011Katamari Damacy No-Vita (Touch mine Katamari)Lords that ApocalypseMahjong struggle Club: Shinsei Zenkoku Taisen HanMichael Jackson The endure HD Monster Radar <3G version only>Minna no Golf 6 (Hot Shots Golf: people Invitational)Power stop 4 (Virtua Tennis 4: people Tour Edition)Ridge RacerShin Kamaitachi no Yoru: 11 Hitome no SuspectShinobido 2: Sange (Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen)

However, if you"re willing to wait till February 22nd, here"s the list of evidenced US start titles, and there"s a comparable list because that Europe.

How around PSP games?

Sure, yet only if we"re talking about Japanese PSP games, and also only those the you download indigenous the Japanese PlayStation store using your Japanese PSN account. There"s no UMD slot top top the PS Vita come take your discs, the course, but even if you"ve currently downloaded gamings using a united state or european PSN account, you won"t be able to transfer those games until Sony opens up up the US and also European playstation Store... And also that most likely won"t happen until the Vita launches in those territories. Also, when Sony does have actually a "UMD Passport" routine to offer discount copies of downloadable PSP games to those that currently bought a physical disc, many significant publishers haven"t joined the program.

Can I use my PSN account?

Yes, however don"t expect to do much with it right now. Again, the US and also European versions of the PlayStation save aren"t open for service quite yet, but once castle are, your Vita must be fine v the completely English networks.

So just how do i make a Japanese PSN account?

Here, clock this comfortable video. This is exactly how it"s excellent on the playstation 3:


I heard you can only have actually one PSN account every Vita. What does that mean?

If you want to switch between two accounts -- say, US and Japanese, or perhaps yours and a friend"s -- you will have actually to factory reset and reformat the Vita hardware. The doesn"t average you"ll lose your purchases, which are tied to her PSN account, nor her savegames, which you can keep on a memory card and back up come a PS3 or PC. What you will certainly lose, however, is accessibility to games and also content girlfriend downloaded through a various PSN account, no to mention time spent reformatting and also restoring the system. Also, it"s necessary to keep in mind you can"t swap storage cards v a friend, they"re tied straight to a solitary PSN account, and also it"s basic to misplace your trophies when swapping around. Trophies are also tied to both your PSN account and PS Vita hardware, for this reason you"ll require to collection up the proper account ~ above a system and synchronize trophies to have actually them show up.

Will I have trouble using us software and services later on on?

Honestly, it"s tough to say. As soon as it involves downloadable applications, girlfriend should have the ability to get many things native the local PlayStation Store, however when it involves system software program updates we"re in reasonably uncharted territory. We"re honestly not sure if near will let US and also Japanese handheld users affix with one another, in fact. We reviewed our Japanese unit in Japan, after all.

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What about the 3G / Wi-Fi model? can I use a neighborhood SIM card and also have data top top the go?

We don"t have last confirmation yet, yet we"re listening some interesting reports: allegedly, the Japanese variation is locked come NTT DoCoMo"s network, but the Hong Kong variant might not. What"s more, the AT&T-exclusive us 3G different to be locked to the carrier come February, but Sony"s publicly stated that the European version (which comes with a Vodafone SIM) will certainly not be locked come a details network. Decisions, decisions...

Where can I review more?

We"re complying with every significant new development for the playstation Vita in this storystream, and you"ll uncover gobs of details in our complete review. Also, don"t hesitation to inspect out Sony"s virtual manual before you pull the trigger!