Q: Why is my PS3 saying there is not enough complimentary space top top the mechanism storage, however there is plenty of space?

"Each time ns downloaded a brand-new game on my PS3, it keeps informing me the there is no enough complimentary space top top the device storage to install the downloaded game files. It cd driver me stunner now due to the fact that there is extra an are for the files. I"ve turned off a few GBs because I experienced the message at first, but it still claims that I should remove more. What happened to the PS3 system storage?"

Many PS3 individuals have ever before received the article telling the mechanism storage is not sufficient to download games. However, over there is space left to be used. Sounds unreasonable? Firstly, let"s figure out why; climate follow our guide to resolve the PS3 system storage problem with a couple of tricks.

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Workable SolutionsStep-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Cost-free up space on PS3Delete folder favor "game data" > the data will certainly be reinstalled automatically...Full steps
Fix 2. Increase space on PS3Connect bigger new disk to computer > run tastecraftedmcd.com Partition master > choose "Migrate OS"...Full steps
Other PS3 device storage issuesPS3 system storage not found...Full stepsPS3 system storage corrupted...Full steps

Why PS3 mechanism Storage no Enough room But over there is

Due come the PS3 digital download space requirement, as soon as you shot to download a game and also install ~ above the PS3 mechanism storage, girlfriend need double space, which means there have to be twice the quantity of room 보다 the game record requires. For example, 8 gigs because that the download while 8 because that the install.

Thus, to efficiently install the game, you"ll require over 16 gigs of free space ~ above the PS3 storage device. Once installing a game or DLC, the original downloaded copy is preserved in case something destructive happens during install. If something does, the install record will it is in corrupted while the original will it is in fine, no forcing you to re-download the entire file again. That"s how the download mechanism works.


How to fix PS3 device Storage Not enough Space

To remove the not enough cost-free space top top PS3 device storage, you can try to free up room on PS3 or get an ext space on PS3 together well.

Fix 1. Free Up an are on PS3 system Storage

Most Blu-ray games store some of their papers in the PS3 video game Data Utility, i m sorry takes up a substantial amount of disk room after a while. Girlfriend can"t just format PS3 since the formatting will certainly erase every the data on it. Instead, you have the right to safely delete any type of of the folders like video game data to complimentary up part space. The data will be reinstalled immediately from the Blu-ray disc the next time the you play the game.

To remove any kind of game data utility files, simply do the following:

Step 1. From the playstations 3 house Menu, go to video game > .

Note: Make certain you pick . Execute not choose Saved Data Utility, as this will delete all of your saved games files.

Step 2. Locate the game data utility record (i.e. Name of a particular game you have actually been playing) you great to delete. Push the Triangle button and select Delete. Push the X switch to confirm the deletion. This will remove the video game data utility paper for the selected title you"ve selected.

Fix 2. Boost or Get more Space on PS3 system Storage

"Not enough an are in mechanism storage"...On average, 6 out of 10 civilization who use PS3 to play games are most likely to be informed of the inadequate storage to install games and some other species of files. Why add an external hard disk to her PS3 or directly upgrade the disc of PS3 to a bigger one? It"s the most recommended way to increase PS3 warehouse space.

However, civilization feel hesitant due to the fact that they don"t want to lose the games and also files conserved on the old disk. Don"t worry. tastecraftedmcd.com partition manager deserve to ease your issue by cloning old disk data come the brand-new one without reinstallation.




PS3 device Storage Related concerns & Solutions

The PS3 system storage problems are far from the single "not enough complimentary space to install games". If you have actually questions demonstrated together follows, review on and find services to your very own PS3 system storage problems.

Q1: My playstation 3 is speak "cannot start, the proper system storage was not found"! What need to I do?


How to solve PS3 system Storage not Found

Compared through the free space issue, the PS3 device storage not found seems to be much more complicated. In general, this error is pointing to a tough drive issue, which deserve to be encrypted, corrupted, broken, or disconnected to your system. Hence, to settle the unrecognized tough drive, there room some means out.

Step 1. If the hard drive isn"t broken you have the right to screw it ago in

On one side of the PS3, there is a plastic panel which you deserve to screw off making use of a driver or an additional helpful tool. As soon as you"ve unscrewed it, find your hard drive - it will certainly be hosted in using a square metal bit and also a large blue screw. Slide the end the hard drive, clean it, and put it back in. Then, screw in the panel again and also turn on the system.

Step 2. If the difficult drive has actually gone bad, you"ll should replace the tough drive through a new one

To swap out a failing PS3 system hard drive without uninstalling all the games, use the same mechanism migration software program - tastecraftedmcd.com Partition grasp to begin the replacement. It"s easy and also time-saving.

Q2: The playstations 3 difficult disk"s document system is corrupted and it doesn"t restore when I push "ok"; the keeps repeating the exact same message. What must I do?

How to solve PS3 device Storage Corrupted

According to the PS3 main guide, when your game stations 3 mechanism HDD i do not care corrupted or you receive a corruption data message, you should go v the two actions to uncover out the reason and try to deal with the corruption.

Step 1. Ensure the the latest mechanism software upgrade is set up on her PlayStation 3 system.

To examine the mechanism software, accessibility the XMB Menu, and also choose system Settings > .

Step 2. access Safe Mode and also restore your PlayStation 3 system"s data.

You can use Safe setting on her PlayStation 3 to remove corrupt data native the HDD.On the Safe mode Menu, choose option 3, Restore document System. If the trouble persists, select option 4, Rebuild Database.

Option 3 - Restore record System: the playstation 3 mechanism will try to repair any kind of areas on the HDD where documents can it is in saved.

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Option 4 - Rebuild Database: the playstations 3 system will delete every data on the HDD and rebuild the database.