Hello everyone, first time poster. I"m ready to authorize a contract for a brand-new driveway, yet I"m top top the fence ~ above the usage of fiber mesh reinforced concrete without any rebar or cable mesh because that a driveway.

I live in South eastern Wisconsin so throughout the winter months we address many thaw/freeze cycles and also most of the soil roughly here is clay. I don"t arrangement to journey anything heavier 보다 10,000 lbs ~ above it(work truck)

I have 4 quotes, 3 usage wire mesh and also 1 uses fiber mesh reinforced concrete, however no stole reinforcement. All to water 5 inch, 6 bag low chert. The ones using wire mesh cost virtually $2500 more.

My research study has found that fiber mesh reinforced concrete has come a lengthy way, and also that once poured without stole reinforcement, the cracked is minimal or the same once steel is used.

Any opinions would be substantially welcomedThanks.


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11 year ago


I"ll recognize I"ve never done a driveway utilizing the ingredient so ns don"t recognize the impact. I am familiar with the qualities of fiberglass and also familiar with the qualities of stole reinforcement.

Clay is just around the worst subsoil because that laying concrete onto especially if the floor is prone to it is in damp. No issue what is used, if the base is not effectively prepared, you"ll have actually an ugly driveway in a few years. But if it is prepared effectively (deep packed base) and also properly applied stress joints, friend can end up v a pretty great surface the lasts a long time. In her climate and also considering the soil, I indicate you go through the the strongest reinforcement possible. Fiberglass reinforced concrete has it"s uses yet I question it"s credibility for your situation. I"m really familiar with fiberglass fibers being blended throughout the concrete to make it lighter and it appears to be stronger. I"m not familiar with fiberglass carpet being used alone for reinforcement. I recognize if you put down stole reinforcement, you can throw plywood end it and drive on it there is no much damages to the grid. I"m sure suspended fiberglass will certainly not perform the same. Concrete generates a many of warmth while curing. Ns wonder what impact that will have on the truth of the fiberglass grid. Also, ns wonder just how the anxiety joints will react in your brutal winter.

Since every the building contractors you"ve had actually out most likely have done comparable work before, ask castle to offer you some places where they go the job-related over a year ago so you have the right to look in ~ them. Once the driveway is down, it"s also late for second thoughts. Offer your state or ar road designers a call or maybe an e-mail and ask lock what your take is on it. I"m sure they have actually experience through both. My final thought is if it to be that an excellent as well as it is cheap, most all of the builders would be using it. Lock surely wouldn"t be hauling all that steel roughly if they didn"t have actually to. They want to gain in, acquire the project done and also get out as conveniently as possible so lock can get their money and move on. Many credible people who perform that sort of work-related treat it as a work of art, they are proud that it and also want to watch it last and brag about it once it does.

Good luck through your project. Can you execute me a favor and let me recognize what you finally chose and why? I"d favor to know more about it particularly if you go through the fiberglass.