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Serena, the princess of the Kingdom of Brazia, was not allowed to leave the castle conveniently and also was dreaming about the castle town and also the world exterior the city every day. One day, the Kingdom of Brazia is struck by the demon legion. Unfortunately, in the fight, the king was seriously wounded.An angel that showed up all of a sudden said to Serena, "This people is about to fall right into the hands of the evil one now and tright here is only people from the family members of the Brazia who have the right to save from it. Please lfinish me your power." Serena departed to a journey to make the angel"s wish come true and save the civilization.Serena(CV: Rio Kisaka)Princess of the Kingdom of Brazia. She can not obtain out of the castle quickly from bereason she is a princess. That"s why she has longed for the outside world. She ends up going on an adendeavor once the kingdom is attacked by the demon legion. She is type hearted and also a little rather easygoing, however has actually the stamina to challenge the unreasonable fate. Being a princess, she was increased without learning suffering, so she does not understand the human being that she gets deceived easily.Meia(CV: Amane Shina)A female piprice going about the sea almost everywhere the people in search of treacertain. Although she has actually a manly personality and also her tamong voice is rough, she is a reliable perchild that likes to take treatment of world, so subordinates like her. She appears to be looking for some treasure.......Astarotte(CV: Nanase Watarai)A student of a magical institution living in Majir city. she is worried that she deserve to not use her stamina, because she constantly gaining too nervous in the time of exams, even though she is expert. Typically, she is quiet, but once friends are in trouble, she exerts gets stronger.◆◇Game Point◇◆■ Video Game Genre RPG・Level Up System・Skill learning System・Complete major story to play・Many various form and out look armors to collect.■ Paper doll device include・Shows the various out look through various armors.■ Armor break system・The armor outlook will certainly change when you taking the damage in the time of the battle・Armor break system is fit for eexceptionally armor■ 41 occasion CG pictures in the game.

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・Each game event will have independent CG pictures■Key characters voice include
Minimum:OS: WIN7 SP1/WIN8/WIN10/Processor: 2GHz以上Memory: 4 GB RAMGraphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics cardStorage: 2 GB accessible space

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