This place is so wonderful and i cant express just how amazing this do my very first car purchase experience. Not as soon as did i feel pressured or rushed like with other locations i walk to. No top or sheathe ups just finish honesty. I absolutely cannot recommend this location enough!!

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My kid purchases very an initial car right here The staff was friendly and professional courtesy strong recommended

Amazing..everyone were really helpful and didn’t pressure me right into anything permit me have actually a to speak in all of it. Recommend 100%

Awesome car buying experience! The procedure was therefore easy and also they are very inviting. Us didnt feel pressured come buy at all but knew when we stepped on the lot we would certainly be driving away in a brand-new ride!

Great organization , very friendly, work-related with friend around any type of obstacles to make payments affordable substantially recommend them to any type of body in search of a new car

Great staff and very friendly environment. Donnie to be great, and very helpful. Extremely recommend them.

Had a good experience in ~ this dealership today. The salesman was super professional and also the an option of car was height of class. I would extremely recommend if friend are searching for a high quality car and also a top quality price this is location to go. ASK because that DONNIE!!!

My son and I freshly bought this red Chevy truck from Presidential Auto Sales. They were AWESOME!!! I have purchased offered vehicles from countless used auto places and have I have never been treated for this reason nicely. These people went above and beyond!!! i would probably pass up by a new vehicle and just go by indigenous them because they treated us so well. If friend are searching for a vehicle, this is the ar the go!! They will certainly do everything they deserve to to do it happen for you!!!!! lock ARE totally AWESOME!!! Donnie changed all mine messages within a stylish fashion, no days later with every those stunner excuses. Fabulous place!! examine it out!!!!

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This location is exceptional .Such an excellent people .The male that helped me to be so great .Great guy and also so polite

Very friendly staff(Donnie), was very honest, rapid paperwork, they were organized, and car drove great,