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In this sequel to president of the whole Fifth Grade, Brianna navigates her toughest challenge yet: middle school.

Brianna justice is figured out to raise enough money because that the huge class trip to Washington, DC, however she"s up versus a lot: classmates who all ~ pretend to it is in something they"re not, a new nemesis established to operation her the end of office, and the sinking feeling she"s around to lose her two finest friends. But just as soon as she starts to shed hope, she pertains to realize that sometimes surprises have the right to turn out even much better than the best-laid plans.

love the book

would certainly you listen to chairman of the entirety Sixth grade again? Why?

yes no duh as a son i love and also as a girl and also the alters

who was her favorite character and why?

briaana beacuse i love gift the presidsdent and she is so confident

What about Sienna Jeffries’s performance did friend like?

fine the writing

was this a book you wanted to hear to all in one sitting?


Any added comments?

love that

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Great, relatable book that"s a pleasure to listen to!

mine kids began listening come this book and I conveniently got hooked too! The story itself is really sweet, funny, and strong. The key character is a 6th grade girl that"s a actual sharp go-getter; she discusses the many adventures that her first semester in 6th grade. She"s surrounded by loving, supportive, hopeful adult personalities throughout the book. The key character reflects her great and poor sides and how she learned from she mistakes. (And the performer to be a great compliment to the storyline!) I"d introduce this book to any kid/YA!!

gets a high 5 from mine 10 year old!

This book was a fight on our current road trip. Great story line with many drama, suspense and humor to store my 10 and also 11 year old girls completely engaged. Way to go Brianna Jusri

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Delightful and also relaxing

it is so simple to get lost in the gritty and deep publications on here that friend forget that this platform have the right to take you come highs and lows through tales of sixth grade. The narration embodied the characters and the spiraling story. I listened joyfully with my daughter together a little black girl took facility stage in a story all as well common, also with some unusual twists.