Kevin Costner and also Kelly Reilly deliver such powerful performances in the latest Yellowstone episode that will (once again) have you wondering why they have yet to get any kind of Emmy recognition 4 seasons in come the organize show.

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The episode begins with Beth (Reilly) a little bit peeved the her fiancé Rip (Cole Hauser) let her father (Costner) walk right into a diner fill with equipped robbers. However as Rip clues out, no one have the right to stop john from doing anything. He additionally notices she wasn’t worried about him. “I never ever worry around you,” she says. “I know nothing’s happening to you.” he disagrees.

Beth then confronts she father — start by throw a mug the coffee at the wall surface over his head. She reminds him the she was the one that watched him nearly die after he to be shot in ~ the finish of critical season. “For 60 f**king days, I had actually to clock the life leak the end of you and also then you sought a means to shed it again. Girlfriend f**king look for it,” she speak him. “Well, I’m no doing the again. Ns am no willing you earlier to life the next time friend die.” together she look at it, yes, he should’ve ignored the human being in peril in that diner, “because when you die, every little thing that you battled for and everything you had me fight because that dies v you.”

“I’m not made favor that,” he argues. “Then obtain f**king remade,” Beth yells. “I hit so hard for you, dad, and you carry out nothing to help me.” Furthermore, she can’t assist but notice that the hasn’t done anything around the male who caused the burns on she back, so certain it to be Jamie (Wes Bentley). However that’s when John tells she it to be Riggins, serving life in prison (because that doesn’t recognize that his cell mate to be none various other than Jamie’s biological father, will Patton’s Garrett).


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Things take it a turn as soon as John receive a collect speak to from Park county Jail from Summer (Piper Perabo). As he learns as soon as he visits, she’s facing life in prison because of what went down at the protest at the website of the airport. Then she shocks that with, “I should have actually never listened to her daughter,” and also he promises to assist her. After ~ all, the judge fan him a favor.

That night, man decides they’re relocating dinner back to the dining room — and Beth isn’t walk to favor what’s about to go down. Rip — “quitter,” Beth claims to the — and Carter (Finn Little) easily escape to the bunkhouse together she braces herself because that a fight (even if John states it’s not one). “Don’t law me any type of different” from she brothers, she says. “You desire to brawl, let’s brawl.”

But John’s not having actually it, warning her versus getting right into “a contest around who can lose their composure the most” because “I’ll placed this table through the f**king wall!” They’ll sit and talk prefer adults, he says. When he calls her the end on what she did to Summer, however, Beth just shrugs that off. “I’d carry out anything to hurt your enemies. If i hurt others, so be it,” she explains. “I don’t care. I don’t treatment if she dies in prison. I don’t treatment if she gets out. I do not f**king care. I care about you. I care about Kayce. Ns care about Rip.”


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As man sees it, “if friend care about them, then you need to care around having some morality and the method you fight.” and also while she doesn’t think principles exists in your kingdom, “my kingdom, mine rules,” the says. “We fight v dignity. You aren’t. You begin or find another fight.” Meaning? “No much more collateral damage. Us don’t death sheep. We death wolves. What friend did was cruel.”

Why, exactly, Beth wants to know, “because you f**ked her?” yet he transforms it earlier around top top her, asking, “did you carry out it since I f**ked her? due to the fact that that is cruel. Goddamn, Beth, I never thought I’d feel this way about you, but you yes, really disappointed me.” She didn’t, either. But as hurt together she look at then, it’s nothing contrasted to she reaction after ~ he tells her, “maybe it’s finest if i fight this alone. Probably it’s finest if you go elsewhere while I carry out it.”

“This is mine home,” Beth says, maybe as delicate as we’ve ever heard her. “Might be time to find one more one,” he tells her before walking out. The was quickly the many emotional step of Season 4 therefore far, with extraordinary acting from both Costner and Reilly.

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After that, Beth needs to break down, but as she defines to walker (Ryan Bingham) once asking him to play a sad tune — “I just lost the one point I spent my entire life fighting for” — she’s i can not qualify of crying because that herself. Rip have the right to only watch together she sobs as the ranch hand does what she asks.

Elsewhere in “No Such point as Fair”:

Christina (Katherine Cunningham) thinks it’s time for Jamie to street himself from John and introduce the human being to Garrett … until she finds the end his dad went to prison for murdering his mom. Jamie argues no one needs to know. “How have the right to someone so brilliant be so f**king stupid?” she asks. Who will discover out act a background check. When Garrett uses to do himself scarce, Jamie states he doesn’t desire that. John and also Garrett (finally) come face-to-face, v the latter blaming the former for not speaking on his behalf and also the time he spent in prison. While man can’t avoid him indigenous undoing the way he increased Jamie, “if your arrangement is to obtain me earlier for what friend did come yourself, I will treat you favor everyone rather who proved up through the very same idea and also I’ll escape the f**king civilization of you,” he cautions Garrett. Jimmy (Jefferson White) finishes up his time through the 6666 and also emerges a cowboy — but he doesn’t want to leave Emily (Kathryn Kelly) behind. In fact, the decides “I’m keeping you,” and she speak him she’ll wait while he keeps his promise to John.

Yellowstone, Season 4 Finale, Sunday, January 2, 2022, 8/7c, great Network