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"Post come Be" is a song by American recording artists Omarion, kris Brown, and Jhené Aiko indigenous Omarion"s fourth studio album, Sex Playlist (2014). The artist co-wrote the song alongside Ty Dolla Sign and DJ Mustard; the latter is likewise the producer. The track to be released together the album"s second single top top November 11, 2014. Musically the tune is a i know good hop club track that is developed over a clap-heavy West coastline production. The song includes a "bouncy" production and samples Chaka Demus & Pliers’ 1994 song "Murder She Wrote". words "post" is a sensational spelling of words "supposed." Commercially, the tune peaked in ~ number thirteen on the united state Billboard warm 100 and also number 5 on the us Billboard hot R&B/Hip-Hop song chart and also in doing therefore passed "Ice Box" as his highest peaking single. The track likewise made appearances ~ above charts in Canada, Belgium and also the UK. The song was later certified platinum by the Recording sector Association the America (RIAA). An accompanying music video clip was filmed in Los Angeles and was co-directed by Omarion in addition to Jay Ahn and Taz. The video premiered ~ above February 17, 2015 and depicts the three musicians dancing on an every white backdrop.more »

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OmarionBreezy (and your chick)Your chick(Mustard ~ above the beat hoe!)If her chick come close come meShe ain"t going home when she short article to be (no)I"m getting money like I"m short article to beI"m getting money choose I"m article to be, ohAll my niggas close to meAnd every them other niggas where they post to be ohThe hoes go for meHave her chick send a pic favor pose because that me (oh)That"s just how it post to beYo that"s exactly how it write-up to it is in (oh)Yo that"s how it short article to beEverything great like it post to bePull approximately the club and also it go up (go up)Make your girl loss in love when I display upIt"s not my error she wanna recognize meShe called me girlfriend was simply a homieShe come down choose she knew meGave the up like a groupie (true)And that"s facts, no printer (no printer)Cold nigga rotate the summer come the winterShe save me in her phone as bestieBut I had her screaming ohYo girl wasn"t an alleged to text me (nope)You desire to know exactly how I understand what ns knowIf your chick come close to meShe ain"t going house when she short article to it is in (no)I"m obtaining money like I"m write-up to beI"m getting money prefer I"m write-up to be, ohAll my niggas close come meAnd all them other niggas whereby they short article to be ohThe hoes go for meHave your chick send a pic prefer pose for me (oh)That"s just how it post to beYo that"s how it short article to beYo that"s how it write-up to beEverything great like it write-up to beGot your girl in my section finna blow upA nigga smoking loud, I"m around to roll upShe ain"t never obtained high favor this with a guy like thisWhen she popular music it tell her hol" upBetter believe she gone leave v a genuine niggaI cock her under can"t put it down choose I doI acquire to bussin" no discussin", gotta resolve itTeam us, us ain"t worried about youMurder she wroteYeah yeah, once I hit it I"mma kill it I"mma gain it likeMurder she wroteYou want to know how I recognize what ns knowIf your dude come close come meHe gon" desire to ride off in a Ghost through me (I"ll do him perform it)I could let your boy chauffeur meBut he obtained to eat the booty favor groceriesBut he gotta eliminate these hoes from meI could have that nigga selling his spirit for meOoh, that"s just how it short article to beIf he desires me to disclose the freak oohThat"s just how it short article to it is in oohThat"s exactly how it post to it is in oohThat"s exactly how it article to beEverything great like it post to be oohIf her chick come close to me (if she come close come me)She ain"t going residence when she post to it is in (oh yeah)I"m gaining money choose I"m post to be (post come be)I"m acquiring money favor I"m write-up to be, five (I"m acquiring money)All my niggas close to meAnd all them other niggas where they article to be oh (yeah yes girl)The hoes walk for meHave her chick send a pic choose pose for me (oh)(Girl) That"s how it short article to it is in (yeah)Yo that"s just how it article to it is in (girl)Yo that"s how it article to it is in (ay)Everything an excellent like it post to beShe "bout to ride down with meAnd i don"t even know her surname (no name)But I recognize that she her girl (your girl)She determined up, space you mad or nah? BruhDon"t it is in mad about itThese chicks be for everybodyOmarionC-BreezyI"ll make "em execute it!I"ll make "em execute it!

The easy, fast & fun method to learn exactly how to sing: 30DaySinger.com


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Omarion Omari Ishmael Grandberry (born November 12, 1984), recognized as Omarion (as of may 2, 2012, that signed v Maybach Music Group and also took top top the nickname Maybach O), is an American R&B singer, actor, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and also former lead singer that R&B team B2K. Omarion to be spotted at a young period by a manager, Christopher B. Stokes, who took a liking to his vocal abilities. This led to developing the group B2K, i m sorry disbanded after prospering for a few years. His 3rd album Ollusion to be released January 12, 2010 through the lead solitary I get It In. The is now a new artist of rick Ross" Maybach Music group label and is likewise a regulated artist the Jay-Z"s Roc country label. Much more »