While many Tumblr users usage their blogs as a an are for self-expression intended to be mutual with friends, various other Tumblr users and also the public at large, some users might not constantly feel comfortable expressing themselves in such a publicly manner. To resolve this concern, Tumblr uses a private short article feature, despite it handles private articles differently relying on the kind of blog the short article is on.

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Private posts vs. Private Blogs

Tumblr distinguishes between private posts and also private blogs. Every blogs run by a solitary user are regulated under one email address. The first blog you set up under an email address is the main blog. This blog can not be wholly private, yet it can contain private posts. However, you have the right to mark an additional blogs as personal by password-protecting them therefore that only those with the exactly password can access them. Second blogs can likewise have multiple members, also when private, while primary blogs can only have actually one.

Protected Content

Posts ~ above a password-protected blog allow you to write-up content you might not it is in comfortable through releasing to the basic Internet-using public. For instance, writers or artists might use a exclusive blog to current early execution of their work to a couple of critique partner or interested friends. Parents may likewise use defended blogs together a means to show off images of their household in a central space, without publicly posting photos of their children.

Safe Spaces

Tumblr is an intersection that a the majority of subcultures and also minority groups; when conversations ~ above topics appropriate to these teams do take location in windy posts, having actually public short articles invites outsider commentary, and also can lead to hate and also trolling on sensitive posts. Private write-ups on group blogs permit members to have a safe space where castle are complimentary to express their thoughts and also issues, without enabling outsiders to communicate in shaming and other oppressive behavior.


You can create private short articles in your major or secondary blog together a technique of journaling. Such an virtual journal permits you to keep an save on computer of write-ups for later review, there is no the potential of losing content due to a computer crash or other catastrophe. Tumblr"s tagging system additionally makes it straightforward to review all short articles you make on a single topic or event.

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