I am using ajax with laravel and when I clicked save button. I am getting this error in Console:

TypeError: $.POST is not a function

This is piece of code:

$("form").submit(function (event) event.preventDefault(); name = $("#name").val(); address = $("#address").val(); country = $("#country").val(); $.POST(" route("peoples.store") ", name:name, address:address, country:country, function (data) $("#name").val(""); $("#address").val(""); $("#country").val(""); console.log(data); var tr = ""+ ""+data.id+""+ ""+data.data.name+""+ ""+data.data.address+""+ ""+data.data.country+""+ ""+ "Edit"+ "Delete"+ ""+ ""; $("#data").append(tr); ); );

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I"m assuming that you are using JQuery? If so, then the correct method is:

$.post();JavaScript is case sensitive.


I think You are using the slim version of jQuery, which doesn"t have AJAX $.post function, can you try that:



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