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You will certainly find the first gym leader of the game in the Santalune City Gym.Viola is a bug-form trainer via two difficult, blended type Pokémon. Her gym is fifty percent photography studio, fifty percent spider web.

Before you enter the gym, you are going to want to make sure your team is equipped to fight bug-kinds and also dual bug-kinds. You will certainly also want to stock up on potions and also perhaps an antidote or two.

Know Your Enemy

According to Bulbapedia, mono bugs are weak to fire, flying, and rock. That suggests if you began off via Fennekin, you will certainly be excellent against mono bugs; Fletchling, Pidgey, and also Pansear are all excellent options for pure bug-kind adversaries. They also only deal half-damage to fighting, fire, flying, ghost, poikid, steel, and also fairy kinds.

They are strong versus dark, grass, and psychic Pokémon. Furthermore, they are resistant to fighting, grass, and also ground. This means that if you determined Chespin, you will want to discover someone else to usage in this battle.

Dual-type bugs will be disputed on an individual basis in the following area.

Bug-forms check-in, however they don"t check-out

When you enter the main battle area of the gym, you will certainly notification you are stuck in abovementioned web. Follow the water droplets to navigate your means to Viola.

On the way to Viola, tbelow are 3 other bug-type trainers. Youngster David, Youngster Zachary, and Lass Charlotte. The initially two are optional battles and the last one is mandatory in order to fight the gym leader.

In order to gain as much endure as feasible, take on both of the Youngsters. They will certainly obtain you a level or two.


Youngster David

Ledyba (lvl. 10)

SupersonicTackleWeaknesses: flying, fire, electrical, ice, and also especially rock


Youngster Zachary


HardenTackleWeaknesses: fire and flying


Lass Charlotte


HardenPoikid stingWeaknesses: flying, rock, fire, or ice


GustWeaknesses: flying, fire, electric, ice, and also specifically rock



After sending Surskit to the hospital, Vivillon will certainly do its best to damage your day. This is yet another bug/flying form. However, unchoose the various other ones you have faced so much, Vivillon"s movecollection poses a threat: it uses harden, infestation, and tackle. Infestation is a brand-new relocate and PokéDB says it will certainly trap you and deal 1/16 of your health and wellness for 4 or 5 turns.

Surskit (lvl. 10)

BubbleWater SportFast AttackWeaknesses: flyingPotion


HardenInfestationTackleWeaknesses: flying, fire, electric, ice, and particularly rock

Due to exactly how deadly the combicountry of infestation and also harden can be, make certain you are using potions when require be. It will certainly take some time to whittle its health dvery own, yet you need to have the ability to beat Vivillon and also claim your Bug Badge as well as TM83 Infestation.

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