I remember playing Pokemon Red Rescue Team and Explorers the Sky once I was younger. The brand-new trailer for Rescue Team DX has made me type of nostalgic because that the collection and I desire to go earlier and play one more of this games, specific Super an enig Dungeon.

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One point I really took far from Red Rescue Team and Explorers of skies was how great the post-game was, particularly for Explorers. So, how an excellent is the post-game for Super? ns guess "post-game" is type of vague, so ns mean just how many an ext quests room there because that you come recruit practically all legend Pokemon (and how numerous extra dungeons go this constitute)?



Really, that short? just how is the top quality of the main plot then? walk it have actually the emotional weight and the roller-coaster plot of Explorers? Or is that a general let down in quality?

Also go the video game push you forward to finish the post-game or are there simply like an alert board quests (as an example) of the post-game dungeon content?

I played through the main story twice, and also I don't know just how you came to the conclusion that the story was this short. It's at the very least as long, if not longer than rescue team, 15h+.

Unless you're simply talking around dialogue, but even then...

The post-game is gonna be a lot about recruiting solid pokemon to discover hard dungeons to recruit more powerful pokemon to discover harder dungeons. If you like improvising prefer that you'll have actually plenty of fun, however otherwise not quite.

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Right, yet is there any plot pertained to these write-up game dungeons at all, also if that a one-off plot that’s forgotten after ~ the dungeon? Or is it literally “Dungeon XYZ has appeared, discover it”?

Also how’s the top quality of these write-up game dungeons? are they lengthy and daunting ( > 50F)? also are there any kind of unique dungeons, for example in Red / Blue Rescue Team ns remember there gift dungeons that reset her level, minimal you to only one team member, had certain Pokemon like Mew appear in any kind of random floor, etc. Are some dungeons choose that too?

Gameplay-wise? It's okay. Several dungeons come explore and also Pokemon come recruit.But in terms of story, that becomes nonexistent after the very first hour.

PMD's post-game isn't so funny if we contrasted to other MD games. Firstly, girlfriend must finish the story (like GTI) and then you can shot to find really Pokémon and, especially, boss battle and also special objects. That's it (I think :V)