Pokemon Sun and Moon changed a lot of things about the series. Z-moves and terrains were added, enlarge Pokemon got new forms, and most importantly, the entire structure that the game was different from every main collection game to come prior to it.

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In the past, each game contained battling your means through eight gym leaders, earning gym badges in order come gain access to the Pokemon League. Here though, there room no gyms, and also the Pokemon league is still under construction. In their place are Island trials and Trial Captains.

Each through their own distinctive trial, a various Totem Pokemon, and also of course, a distinct quirky personality, they"re all great.

These space the Top 7 attempt Captains in Pokemon Sun and also Moon.

7. Ilima

Ilima is the very first Trial Captain you fulfill on your adventure, and also sadly, he"s additionally the blandest.

As the trial Captain the Verdant Cavern, Ilima specialization in normal-type Pokemon. His just personality traits are that he"s somewhat over dramatic as soon as he battles. Unfortunately, this characteristics isn"t end the optimal or interesting enough for that to was standing out.

His psychological is equally boring. Every you need to do is fight a few Yungoos or Alolan Rattata, relying on whether you"re play Sun or Moon respectively. And, together you"d intend for the very first Totem Pokemon, Gumshoos or Alolan Ratticate, again, depending upon the variation you"re playing, is pitifully easy.

The one redeeming top quality to Ilima, as well as that glorious head the hair, is the battle with him. His Smeargle is actually very strong for the point in the game you confront it, v incredible speed, and a super effective move versus whatever starter you chose.

6. Sophocles

This bratty mechanic is the 5th Trial Captain girlfriend encounter, no counting your first meeting through him in the Festival Plaza, of i beg your pardon he"s the owner.

Something pretty funny around Sophocles is the he received his position of attempt Captain in the sadly most realistic way possible: Nepotism!

However, while he may have actually just gained the task from his cousin, when you fight him in the post-game, he more than proves his worth. With a Togedemaru, a Magnezone, a Vikavolt, one Alolan Golem, and my personal favorite, and also Electivire, Sophocles"s team packs a most power.

His psychological is a trivia contest. If not tough for a veteran, the is sure to stump lot of of kids a couple of times.

Unfortunately, what pipeline Sophocles this short on the list is the Totem Vikavolt, regardless of her team, is easier to beat 보다 the previous three Totem Pokemon you"ve beaten.

5. Mina


I love Mina"s personality. She"s a to adjust back, new age artist who finds the idea of having to stay in one project forever incredibly boring.

Her fairy-type team isn"t the finest IMHO, but it isn"t poor at all. In she rematch v you, she provides Klefki, Granbull, Shiinotic, Wigglytuff, and also Ribombee.

Her design is as great as her personality, however sadly, she loses a most points for not having actually a trial or a Totem Pokemon, having actually abdicated she position.

Even so, she"s cool sufficient to avoid landing in ~ the bottom of the list.

4. Mallow

From this point on, there isn"t a trial Captain that ns don"t love, none of them really having any kind of negatives.

Mallow is the fourth Trial Captain you meet, and also is among the happiest human being you will ever meet.

This grass-type specialist is perpetually cheerful, and also is a chef v an "interesting" feeling of taste. Together a cook myself, i really appreciate this aspect about her. In fact, I even wrote around the most edible Pokemon.

Her trial is nice fun, request you come sniff approximately the Lush Jungle v Stoutland. And also her totem Pokemon, Totem Lurantis, is quickly one of the 2 toughest opponents in the game. If you aren"t ready this thing and also it"s clear Day/ Synthesis/ Solar blade strategy will ruin you.

3. Kiawe

Unlike Tierno, the dance Pokemon trainer from Kalos who no one liked, Kiawe is an actually cool dancer, his style resembling traditional Hawaiin styles.

Despite his wild run moves, Kiawe, an expert fire-type trainer, is actually an extremely seriously minded, happily offering guidance to those attempting the Island psychological challenge.

His trial is supposedly intended to test your monitoring skills, however it"s hard not to notice the distinctions in the images he mirrors you. Fortunately, the differences are therefore obvious and also silly that the attempt is quiet entertaining.

And together for Totem Salazzle? Well, prefer Totem Lurantis, it"s one of the 2 toughest opponents in the game. My very first battles through each of this Totem Pokemon were the just times I ever before lost throughout my playthrough ofPokemon Moon.

2. Acerola

Taking the penultimate clues is the pan favorite ghost-type master, Acerola.

First off, Acerola is for sure adorable. Her smile, she energy, and also the truth that even though she has actually royal blood, she wears tattered rags, all serve to do her one of the cutest characters ever placed in a Pokemon game.

Her attempt is probably my favorite of castle all. While native a gameplay perspective, every you carry out is take images of ghost Pokemon, the spooky atmosphere really provides it one experience. Don"t even get me started on just how chilling that gets when you"re searching for Totem Mimikyu.


Mimikyu: far better than every other Pokemon. Ever

Speaking that Totem Mimikyu, it"s no slouch in battle. While no as an overwhelming as Totem Lurantis and also Salazzle, it"s at the very least stronger than the others.

Another neat thing about Acerola is the by the end of the game, she"s a member of the Alola Eilte Four. Nobody of this game"s Elite four are also tough, but her signature Pokemon, Palossand, does placed up a heck of a great fight.

Also, yes. The royal"s signature Pokemon is a sandcastle.

Simply adorable.

1. Lana

I don"t know if it"s she design, her sense of humor, or other else, but Lana has come to be one that my favorite human characters in any type of of the Pokemon games.

Her trial is a basic one, consisting of the player investigate the oddities occurring in Brooklet Hill. As soon as you"ve perfect it, you challenge Trial Wishiwashi. When not particularly challenging, Totem School kind Wishiwashi is quite intimidating, specifically considering the critical Totem Pokemon you challenged was one of two people a Gumshoos or an Alolan Ratticate.

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In enhancement to liking come trick people, one various other personality properties of hers that i respect is just how she takes care of she younger siblings. Together a small brother myself, I have actually a good deal the respect for an enlarge sister that does her project well.

Who"s her favorite psychological Captain? perform you desire to see much more Trial Captains in the following Pokemon game? and should ns cosplay as Lana? allow me understand in the Comments!