I recognize Leech Life obtained Buffed up from 20 base bower come 80 basic power and Talonflame"s Gale wings gained Nerfed come only occupational at full Hp. Are there anymore Buffs and Nerfs?

askedNov 23, 2016by EricBubba27
https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/5buert/all_changed_moves_in_pok%C3%A9mon_sun_and_moon/Those space moves; don"t understand where to discover abilities though.

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Sure, here"s a considerable list. I"ve gone with multiple sources on the net to make certain I covering everything, but if I"m missing something permit me know!

(Also, girlfriend may consider some of these transforms spoilers, for this reason don"t review on if friend don"t want to understand them! I have stayed clear of any plot spoilers and anything else that is not a adjust with video game mechanics.)

Major changes

Other changes

Thunder Wave had actually its accuracy decreased to 90% indigenous 100%, which must hopefully do it an ext manageable. Dark Void had actually its accuracy decreased to 50% native 80%, and also can now only be supplied by Darkrai (fails top top Smeargle). The move will be virtually useless in competitive beat now. Gale Wings, together you mentioned, currently only works if the bearer is at complete HP. Talonflame and also Fletchinder will experience in competitive pat especially. Sucker Punch has actually been decreased to 70 basic power, native 80. Perhaps it offered too lot control. Any kind of move under the effects of Prankster will now fail if provided on Dark-type Pokemon. This is together a nerf to the capacity and a buff to Dark-type Pokemon. Confusion (status condition) currently only triggers 33% of the time, under from 50%. Hope it won"t be as irritating to regulate now. Parental Bond"s 2nd hit currently deals 25% of the original damage, down from 50%. Mega Kangaskhan will certainly hopefully be more balanced now. Leech Life, together you mentioned, has actually been raised from 20 base strength to 80. This is quite cool because that a variety of Pokemon, even if bug isn"t a very good offensive form for extra coverage. Flying Press has been raised to 100 basic power. Hawlucha will appreciate this. Paralysis currently reduces a Pokemon"s speed to 50% of its original value instead of 25%. This is yet one more nerf come Thunder tide also. Burns currently reduce health and wellness by 6.25% per turn instead of 12.5% (1/16 rather of 1/8 the health).Turn stimulate is now calculated after Mega Evolution instead before in vault generations. This indirect nerfs Mega Sableye, that no much longer gets to usage Prankster top top the revolve it evolves, and also buffs others prefer Mega Lopunny or Mega Beedrill the now obtain their rate immediately. Soul Dew now rises Psychic- and also Dragon-type moves used by Latias and Latios by 20%, rather of its vault effect. Misty Terrain currently blocks confusion, another tiny nerf come the problem that may have more relevance v Tapu Lele"s popularity. Recurring use the Destiny Bond will certainly now rise the chance that it will certainly fail, which to be previously constantly 0.Tackle is down to 40 base strength from 50. Swagger is currently 85% accurate, under from 90%. Another nerf to confusion!Ally Switch now has actually +2 priority rather of +1, which will enable it to continuously move before common priority moves that aren"t excessive Speed. Fell Stinger now has actually 50 basic power, up from 30, and increases strike by 3 stages rather of two. This is a cool move that received small attention in Gen 6 that might have some use now. Diamond Storm"s 50% possibility to boost its user"s Defence by 1 stage has actually been buffed to 2 stages. This combined with the Mega Evolution change will make Mega Diancie an extremely scary.Parabolic Charge has been raised to 65 basic power, up from 50. This will most likely remain unpopular. Water Shuriken is now a unique move, and also receives boost in power when supplied by Ash Greninja. Mystical Fire now has 75 basic power, increase from 65. Delphox can find more use because that this move now. Normalize, Pixilate, Aerilate and Refrigerate now boost Normal-, Fairy-, Flying- and Ice-type moves by 120% respectively, down from 130% in all instances except Normalize i m sorry never boosted power previously. Galvanize, a similar brand-new ability, is likewise subject come the very same 120% boost. Sheer Cold now stops working if used versus Ice-type Pokemon, and has a decreased chance to hit if the user is not an Ice-type. Other OHKO moves have not been affected. Weak Armor now increases Speed by two stages rather of one, hope making it an ext advantageous come use. Sleep and freeze currently increase record rate by 250%, increase from 200%. Burn, poison and also paralysis stay at 150%. Super Potion and Hyper Potion currently heal 60 HP and also 120 HP respectively. This way Super potion was boosted 10 HP and Hyper potion was lessened by 80 -- but now likewise costs substantially less. Fresh Water, Soda Pop and Lemonade have actually been nerfed, formerly healing 50 HP and also now under to 30, 60 down to 50 and also 80 under to 70 respectively.

Theories and also rumours the Unaware, Scald, punch Off and Eviolite have been nerfed space all untrue.

answeredNov 23, 2016by FizzeditedDec 26, 2016by Fizz
I additionally just discovered out while ns was play Pokemon sun that at sight Potions heal 60 Hp rather of 50 and also Hyper Potions cure 120 Hp instead of 200.
commentedDec 29, 2016by EricBubba27
Whoops not sure just how that slipped my mind! Edited, i m really sorry there"s been so countless errors in my answer.
commentedDec 31, 2016by Fizz
Fresh Water heals 30 (down indigenous 50), Soda popular music 50 (down from 60), and also Lemonade 70 (down indigenous 80), ns believe.
Man another one. Edited again, thanks. Went to look up if I"m absent anything else, and also the an initial result is currently this thread. >_>
If i am right, Shadow force no longer bypasses accuracy checks nor deals twin its continual damage if the target has actually used Minimize.
commentedMar 23, 2018by Helix716

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