I can evolve a muk yet at this rate it will certainly take 3 month to max it out. I"d rather discover a high cp prior to evolving.

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I"ve flower 2(around 1000 eggs) and also caught 2(both native incense) if incense pulls from spawns roughly you climate they need to be in mine area right?

But I have a river, a lake, ponds, neighborhood, dust roads, Walmart, churches. What kind of area have you uncovered them in? I"m not sure where to look. It"s my 2nd to last Pokédex entry prior to it"s complete.

Good question. I"d choose to recognize as well.

If that wasn"t because that eggs and the buddy mechanism I never would have been able to Muk (who ns love utilizing by the way).

Kinda fear to evolve it, afraid to obtain a poor moveset. Its by far taken the longest come accumulate the liquid needed. I would love to add it come the team

The just other I require is kabutos(sp?). I"ve never ever seen or hatched it. Ns wouldn"t usage it so...oh well i guess..

I finished buddy walking a Grimer last week having actually only ever hatched 2. I evolved the best defensive move, but I can"t watch me utilizing him much.

I"ve flower one Kabuto (took me till Lv30) and also had never ever seen one in the wild until 2 weeks ago and have due to the fact that caught 3 in the very same spot. Worst instance scenario is simply 49km that walking currently for a Pokemon that ns doubt I"ll ever use. Probably by the time I"ve walked the staying 46 candy I require for Charizard my only other absent Poke I"ll have caught more...

I evolved one a few weeks back just for the pokédex entry. Currently I"m kinda regretting it, because I just recorded one through 1024 CP and 91% IV and also there"s choose no way I"m evolving the anytime soon. Learn from my mistakes. This things are rarer 보다 Snorlaxes.Btw, I"m not certain where girlfriend from yet you should inspect thesilphroad"s nest atlas. Can help.

I"ve confirm Silph road. Absolutely no help for anything around me :/ discovered 2 swarms that aren"t significant on there. Pikachu and also pinsir. Currently tentacruel and also geodude i think.


Where ns live it seems to spawn mostly on suburban streets. Personal I acquired lucky and hatched 2 Grimers in a row from 5k eggs. Come my fear Muk received Lick/Sludge Wave.

After 2,5 month I regulated to run into sufficient Grimers to evolve a second one and also went v a hatched lvl20 74% IV one because I didn"t have actually a better alternative. This time i rolled poison Jab/Sludge wave which is decent.

I"ll probably need to use the buddy system for the strength up candies since I run into Grimers so seldom nowadays.

I also have a 132cp 98% IV Grimer that i dream of some day evolving into a beautiful Muk through Poison Jab/Dark Pulse.

Lick is one annoyingly stupid relocate for Muk to even be able to learn. They should replace it through Mudslap.

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I uncovered Grimer in random locations downtown. Can"t remember see one everywhere near the river wherein I spend many of the time and catch most mons, doesn"t seem to favor water.

Got 2 Muks so far 98% and 91% iv"s as soon as we had the buddy promotion for Halloween, ns racked up much more than sufficient candy come evolve the second Grimer. Hope they do one more buddy event soon. Both mine recognize Lick/Gunk Shot, wish it to be Poison Jab though:(

From my experience they can spawn all over except close to water. But they room rare. I regulate to record like 30 though. They room as rare together pikachu or charamander because that me yet not prefer porygon, aerodactyl or other superare things

Muk is the only remaining empty Pokédex slot ns have, as well as the regionals and also the ones not in the video game yet. I"ve been play since about a mainly after the video game came out and have seen specifically two Grimers: I recorded one v a CP of 16 this month and made it my buddy for number of weeks. Climate I ultimately hatched one to obtain the remainder of the candies ns need. Unfortunately, the one ns hatched has 75% IVs, therefore I"m walking to host off evolving it for a little longer. (By the way, my spouse has actually hatched five Grimers throughout the food of the game, and we quite much always visit the exact same stops. It"s maddening.)

Yeah I have actually the same question because I have to evolve a grimer because that meltan field research. Buddy farming ~ no working quick enough