For Pokémon walk Trainers that require to know what’s inside of every tiny update Niantic releases because that Pokémon GO, have actually a seat and be prepared to delve into a mega datamine. Together for Trainers the would rather be left unspoiled, it’s time to operation away and also close this tab. Critical chance!

The datamining group, PokéMiners, had their work cut out through tearing personally APK 0.185.0 (Version 1.151 on apologize devices). This upgrade is huge and brings in the structure for a new means to battle.

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We’re getting close to Mega development being imposed into Pokémon GO! here’s a fast rundown of what was discovered:

Mega development iconsCoding for Mega advancement to activate in Pokémon battlesBadges: total Mega Evolutions and Unique Mega Evolutions. Needs haven’t been specified yet.Quest including Mega EvolutionMega RaidsMega Candy: reward native Mega Raids and also not specifically tied come a particular line the Pokémon. Possibly provided to make a Pokémon Mega Evolve.Only Mega X and Y evolution commands have been spotted, yet the structure is over there for other evolutions (i.e.: Primal, Giga, Dynamax).Mega evolution animations: transforming right into Mega development version and reverting back.Trigger because that Mega advancement forms to it is in registered right into your PokédexMega advancement has a time limit in placeMega development does offer the Pokémon a stats boost, yet how that’s calculated isn’t determined yet.“Mega Energy” (no further details have been found)New music linked with Mega Raid battles


Professor Willow has actually invited part friends along for a questline! The “SPECIAL_GUEST_#” code was found and had numbers 1 – 5. According to PokéMIners, these appear with Professor Willow’s quest cutscenes. Together for who he’ll be talking to, it is unknown.

New event Badges (numbered 11 – 30) have actually been discovered. They’re not particularly tied to any type of events yet, and appear to be acting as placeholders for future updates.

Pokémon storage is gaining some fine-tuning in the Search and Filter functions. Plus, a check to see if a Pokémon is only available in Pokémon walk (i.e.: party hats and costumes) has actually been implemented. Yes, this is gift speculated as gaining Pokémon go closer to working through Pokémon HOME, however there isn’t enough information to correctly support this idea.

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Something dubbed “Item Sticker Inventory” has actually been found. This has been a requested feature ever since Stickers were imposed into the Pokémon go gift system and the recent findings of gaining Stickers from Poké Stops and gifts from her Pokémon Buddy.

Niantic has likewise been upgrading AR features and the game’s mapping system. Because that the complete details and also break down, inspect out the thread hosted on r/TheSilphRoad. 

Ok, that was a Mega evolved sized datamine. Excited to see this mechanic from the Kalos an ar make its way to Pokémon GO? While girlfriend wait, definitely start prepping her Pokémon that can Mega Evolve and also be ready to fight when Niantic release the feature to the world!