I was running OMV 2.X v the OS to run on a 120GB SSD and two 1TB spinning disks for data.

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I set up OMV 4 ~ above the SSD, new install. An installed the two disks and set up SSH, functioning great. Mine Mac is using Apple Filing and Time an equipment to back up to among the drives, working better than ever (it"s quicker now 보다 it was on OMV 2.X for some reason).

I mounted the Docker plugin adhering to this overview (following it much more than once to for sure I"ve excellent it correctly) and it works nearly perfectly. The trouble is the Plex can"t "see" the media on my data drive- I deserve to "Browse because that Media Folder" as much as I"ve collection the hold Paths, however it can"t/won"t read the actual media.

I"ve collection up a .config file, and also I"ve do the efforts both straight entering the organize Paths and using this method- exact same results.

I can only i think it"s a permissions issue. Yet, i tried setting up a new directory with the complying with permissions:

drwxrwsr-x 7 dockeruser users 4096 Jul 18 15:26 plexmedia

And right here is a sample magazine inside:

drwxr-sr-x 4 dockeruser users 4096 Jul 18 09:31 movies
And so on...

dockeruser is certainly a member that users.I"m definitely entering the exactly PUID and PGID in the container.I"m definitely setup the correct paths.

Can anyone define why I might not it is in able to accessibility these folders native Plex?

I can give up, move the media and also wipe the drive, however I"d like to deal with this an enig (I am brand brand-new to Docker).


What space the ownership and permissions of the documents inside the directories?

I collection my Plex media directories and media papers to be owned by user:fred group:usersThe container runs v PGID: 100 (users) PUID: 1001 (fred)

Directories have permissions: 2755Files have actually permissions: 0644

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OMV AMD64 5.x on Chenbro NR12000 1U 1x 8m Quad main point E3-1220 3.1GHz 16GB ECC RAM.



Hello gderf, my setup shows up to be identical. I supplied chmod -R 2755, chown -R dockeruser and chgrp -R customers to make sure all the files and also directories to be the same inside the key directory.

One thing that surprised me is instead of the data cd driver being placed at /dev/, lock are now at /srv/dev-disk-by-label-. No that it must matter.

The owner and also group or /srv and /dev-disk-by-label- are root, which is common as much as I have the right to tell. Mine plex folder stays at /srv/dev-disk-by-label-/plexfolder, and that has actually dockeruser together the owner and users as the group.

My papers are actually much more permissive, they room all 755.



When I set up plex using docker on my an equipment I complied with this man in setting it up.

I wasn"t able come update, yet using the info gleaned native the video, i was may be to recognize that the latest update to Docker which happened around a mainly ago, according to what I saw anyway, was the Plex now has actually it"s own version that Plex Docker.

Here is what ns did:1. In a covering sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get update (may or might not require the second sudo can"t remember as it is 1:20 am and I just gained it functioning again. This need to update everything. Reboot)2. Go in come the Docker section and also in the search area, just form "Plex", the an initial one to come increase is walk to be the main "Plex Docker", this is the one girlfriend want, not the linux/plex. "Start" it.3. Follow the video clip instructions with out the setup procedure in the video until he gets to "/media" rather of "/media" placed in "/data", it will not job-related if you use "/media".

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Unfortunately girlfriend will have to put every one of your folders ago in choose it is a brand brand-new Plex Server, yet it will certainly work.Right now, i have every one of my videos and also music, being put in the "Library", I"m using 2 of my 4TB, therefore it"s walking to be tomorrow before its ready.

Hope this helps


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