I"m using ssh essential for git, after I included ssh crucial and also inspect it authenticated effectively. But I still cannot commit code

$ eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"Agent pid 2599$ ssh-include ~/id_rsaIdentity added: /home/vagrant/id_rsa (/home/vagrant/id_rsa)$ssh -T git
github.comHi my-git-username! You"ve efficiently authenticated, yet GitHub does not administer shell accessibility. But I cannot execute commit

$ git commit -m "Develop Dockerfile for shopContainer"*** Please tell me who you are.Run git config --worldwide user.email "you
instance.com" git config --worldwide user.name "Your Name"to collection your account"s default identification.Omit --worldwide to collection the identification just in this repository.fatal: unable to auto-detect email deal with (gained "vagrant



example.com" git config --global user.name "Your Name"

Note: You are authenticated successfully but git demands your username & email to perform a commit.

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It is not regarded authentication. Your username/email have the right to be various from your GitHub Account.

You should run the adhering to commands for a single time.

$ git config --international user.email "you
example.com" $ git config --international user.name "Your Name"$ git config --list # watch if the "name" & "email" are collection correctlyThis user.name & user.email will certainly be set around the world in ~/.gitconfig file.

$ cat ~/.gitconfig # view international config fileSee more details


This error tells you to omit the --worldwide from the command also nopoint else. to remove this error follow my actions...

just put this command also in your git consingle ->

$ git config user.email "Your
emailaddres.com" $ git config user.name "Your name"after this, your name and email will be set to the git and you are now prepared to commit.

$ git commit -m "Msg you desire to print in the time of commit" ##This will commit successfully##Output ->

done 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+) produce mode 100644 demo.txtplease let me know me if it is helpful to you men.


The suggestions from other answers no longer job-related in 2020. To remove the repeated entries, this is now the method to go:

git config --worldwide --unset-all user.namegit config --global --unset-all user.emailYou could have to unset them locally as well, i.e. no --worldwide flag. Then collection them aacquire as suggested in the various other answers, i.e.:

$ git config --international user.name "Your Name"$ git config --worldwide user.email "you


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