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Oh, simply one thing... She"s a video clip game character.

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Her name"s Bloodrayne and also she"ll make her naked debut alongside a attribute in the upcoming issue of the men"s magazine.

Joining she in the CGI photospread (which will certainly accompany an article about the an altering face that gaming) will be a grasp of gaming characters. While no all the characters will show up in the pixilated buff, you deserve to expect a lot of come hither look at from some butt-kicking women, consisting of familiar deals with from Midway"s (MWY: Research, Estimates) "Mortal Kombat" and Namco"s "Tekken" series as well as Vivendi"s (V: Research, Estimates) upcoming "Red Ninja" and also "Leisure suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude" and Sammy Studios" forthcoming "Darkwatch: Curse of the West". (See the accompanying pop-up collection for several of the personalities that were submitted to the magazine.)

"Majesco (MJSH.OB: Research, Estimates) thought it was all in great fun. The game"s coming out that month and also it"s perfect timing," claimed Laura Heeb, a spokesperson for the "Bloodrayne" publisher. "BloodRayne is a an extremely viable franchise now. It has definitely made the action up come a full-fledged video clip game franchise. The Playboy thing is nothing much more than just one more cool point we have the right to do through this franchise."

Playboy decreased to talk about the pictorial feature, because the October problem won"t hit represents a pair of weeks.

Welcome come the weirdest prevent yet ~ above the gaming industry"s 2004 naked Olympics.

A rapid recap, because that those of you just tuning in: The gamings kicked off through Eidos" (EIDSY: Research, Estimates) might release that "Singles: Flirt Up her Life". The video game was a "Sims"-like clone the featured complete frontal nudity and also encouraged friend to get your two characters to have actually sex. That earned a rare "Adults Only" rating native the Entertainment software application Ratings Board. Because most retailers will certainly not offer an AO game, Eidos available it via download only. (A toned under "M" rated version is early out on keep shelves later on this year.)

Due up later this year is the slightly much less raunchy "Playboy: The Mansion" and the abovementioned "Leisure fit Larry: Magna Cum Laude," which sticks closer to "Animal House" or "American Pie"-style hijinks.

It seemed, because that a while, that these would certainly be the only players � however the layout in Playboy newspaper ups the skin level substantially.

Meanwhile, wait in the wing is another game that"s bound to raise a couple of eyebrows: "The man Game". Basically, what you"re spring at below is the bastardized love kid of "Girls unable to do Wild," college drinking games and The this evening Show"s "Jaywalking" segments. Genuine (not digitally animated) nubile coeds on spring break are brought onto stage and asked assorted trivia questions. If lock answered wrong, lock flash their breasts in ~ the crowd. If girlfriend play the video game right, you deserve to see that flashing uncensored.

It"s not a game that"s most likely to do friends amongst parents teams or conservative religious organizations. Yet developer TopHeavy Studios (really!) and publisher Take two Interactive don"t seem also concerned.

The growing presence of video game nudity and sexuality � both in and also out of games � is miscellaneous of a double-edged knife for the industry. On the one hand, woman characters appearing topless can reinforce the outdated stereotype the gamers together shut-in losers that lack any type of sort of society skills.

Want more video game news and commentary? click on "Hef"!

On the other, the underlines how much older the audience because that these gamings has acquired in current years. Follow to the Entertainment software Association, today"s average game player is 29 years old. And also the average video game buyer is 36.

Be that together it may, the industry has actually been trying come attract much more women gamers � and also including personalities that have been confident (albeit too many buxom) function models in a Playboy layout might potentially turn away that customer base.

That"s part of the factor some publishers opted against their characters showing up nude.

"We spent a many time thinking around it," claimed Namco spokesperson Kristin Calcagno. "We wanted to move forward through the coverage opportunity, but we want to ensure the the characters would be viewed as they are in the game. Us ensured they to be in poses and attire that were sexy, however were ideal to your character. ... By no method do we hope anyone finds it offensive."

So why take the chance? Basically, Playboy"s demographic is really much in line v the sweet spot of the gaming industry. Eighty-five percent space male. The average age is 33. And fifty percent of that is readers do $75,000 or much more per year.

That"s a lot of males with cash to burn. And that"s a many potential cash those publishers could be pocketing.

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Morris, that (if his mom happens to read this) just buys Playboy for the articles, is manager of Content development for tastecraftedmcd.com/tastecraftedmcd.com. Click below to send that an email.

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