“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” you may have actually seen this phrase on a t-shirt or bumper sticker and wondered what the meant. I have actually seen it numerous times, and actually, it has been there for rather a lengthy time now (say the “80s). I must share what that means, where it source from and where or as soon as you might hear it or use it yourself.

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So let’s explore

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, origin.

The ” the play stupid gamings win stunner prizes ” is one old saying that has actually been around for quite a while since the 1980s. Some world say they an initial came across it in Tom Clancy Novels from the *80s and early 90s. Others say they very first saw the phrase in magazines in the 80s.

The beginning of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” is quiet a an enig up until now. However, the does not stop world from making use of it.

What go play stupid games, win stupid prizes mean?

The play stupid games win stunner prizes phrase way that if you play one illegal video game or against regulations and the authorities record you doing it, be all set to expropriate the consequences.

Just joking, however I may be right. Here is a simple an interpretation of the phrase:

If girlfriend make bad choices, girlfriend receive bad consequences.

When is this phrase generally used?

This play stupid games win stupid prizes expression is frequently used when someone does something castle know could be a wrong choice. It may also be claimed if you see somebody doing something illegal or out of regulations and want come say, “well – there are results for your actions.”

That’s it; ns think I have actually answered the following questions around play stupid games win stupid prizes.

When go you an initial see this phrase?What walk play stupid games, success stupid prizes mean?Can the beginning of pat a stupid game, success stupid prizes be traced ago to a details time or human being in history?

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