Okay so most of you have actually probably heard around the comparisons between Pink Floyd"s Echoes and also Andrew Lloyd Webber"s Phantom the The Opera and also how he allegedly stole the song"s key riff.

If you haven"t climate here"s a


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Anyway i was wondering perform you think he really stole the riff, or to be it just coincidence the they sound near identical, and likewise which execute you prefer?


Ha, I"ve believed of this before. I"ll bet he potentialism ripped that off.

but climate again, an excellent minds think alike.

C"mon guys... He stole it. There"s no method that might be a coincidence, since he must have heard Echoes.

I dunno if girlfriend play one instrument, or just how musically inclined friend are, however they"re both very straightforward pieces and also one can easily emulate one of two people without knowing.

C"mon guys... He stole it. There"s no way that might be a coincidence, since he must have heard Echoes.

I dunno if you play one instrument, or how musically inclined girlfriend are, but they"re both very simple pieces and also one could easily emulate either without knowing.

So is exhilaration On The Water, however I didn"t hear any kind of song that has actually the same tempo, rhythm and also melody, simply using various instruments...

I dunno if friend play an instrument, or how musically inclined you room , yet there is plenty of songs v even easier structure that is even much easier to repeat, yet it didn"t happen. This was stolen really intentionally... Use your ears and also logic.

Manson"s The stated Hell"s no Hot has the very same opening Riff together Alice Cooper"s adversary food.

So it"s nothing that"s totally shocking.

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