Here we have a cube through a 5" diameter cap/ on the cap sit 2 specimens of Copelandia cyanescens that were cultivation in the very same manure heap as the huge cube.

Eyeball Art.

Jake Read, child of Roadkill of the Shroomery. This is approximately 2001 and was in Kingston, Washington Clear reduced of Alder. Countless Galerina and also Jake find the one and only lone specimen of Psilocybe pelliculosa..

And this critical 2 photos are of the Shroom Hunter kids of Samui. Is that the boy who discovered that big cube through the copes on it. Near Ban Nathon Police station in the town port Koh Samui, Thailand.

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One lat cube picture from 2004.



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I to be watching a Thai RZA chop chop fooey movie and I for some reason or the other, i remembered the cavern paintings at the caves in Changdao. Now I typed into the URL bar, paintings at the caves that Changdao.

And lo and also behold i clicked the enter button on the keyboard and it opened up to this page.

There to be six paintings on 2 walls in next of a door just inside the enntrance gate to the caves. And also I took 3 pictures and unfortunately i ran out of film.

What happened was sad,. These to be beautiful paintings that were obviously Hindu in nature.

The one single picture I caught was representative that Agni, the God the Fire racing his chariot throughout the skies.

Anyway, i click the get in button and also came here and only witnessed a single image, one of around 24 that 32 that ns made indigenous the initial photograph ns took./

So i am showing right here the picture in the snapshot developed by Fiji that Fuji film which to be off. And also the second image is after ns played for an hour with the color.

The adhering to images i am posting to be made in KPTS (Kai"s strength Tools) 3, 5, 6, and 7.

As I developed each image, ns continued an altering the parameters the the photo from one picture to the next rather of making use of the an initial photo to do a different element each time. I made number of from one picture to one more but then cut earlier and provided one in the collection to create an ext extensions that the original photo instead that one becoming image two and then two ending up being three. Etc. And etc.

Now together I did that, The image started to take it on features of rick Griffith andRobert Williams. Both initially artists who drew underground comix and San Fran styled concert poster art. They additionally Their arts was likewise popular to surfers. The final art images I make from the paint I photographed top top the wall surface resembled several of the art discovered on number of of the Grateful; Dead"s Album Covers. Oaxamole to every one of you?

Interesting. I typed mine misconstrued negative spelling of the word and stupid spell examine brings up the word Guacamole. I have no idea if ns spelled the word appropriately or not.

After I post a series here that the Hindu painting and also the arts I developed it from, i will short article a couple each of both Williams and also Griffiths actual cool psychedelic art.

So let the display began.

Have a shroomy day.

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mjshroomer/man that knowledge

Next response I will article a couple each that Robert Williams art and a few of rick Griffiths.