Adobe Photoshop is software program to modify photographs, composite digital art, animating, and also graphic design in addition to professional tools for individuals to bring their ideas to life. However, world may stumble top top various problems when utilizing this photo editing and enhancing tool.

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For instance, ~ updating Adobe Photoshop, countless users challenge pen pressure not working for your Wacom tablet computer pen, Huion tablet pen, Clip Studio paint pen, etc. Or the very first time you opened up Photoshop after installation the software, the pen had a tiny pen pressure, but the pressure was unable to do the 2nd you opened up it.

You even tried to readjust the “Brush/Dynamic” settings into “Pen Pressure”, the pen pressure does not work on windows 10, 8, 7.

Some also complained that Pen pressure is not working v the new update Photoshop 2020. This post will help you resolve no push in Adobe Photoshop.

Why is my Pen press Not functioning in Photoshop?

If there are difficulties with the Photoshop software application or the computer where the Adobe Photoshop software program is running, pen push won’t work. Photoshop software errors include its program documents like wintab files and also PSUserConfig.txt files and also settings.

While the computer system issues might be the tablet computer driver error or device conflicts. Any relevant components may an outcome in pen press not functioning on home windows 10, 8, 7, or Mac.

In particular, many users usage Wacom tablet pen in Photoshop, so pen pressure not working might be caused by the Wacom tablet, favor Wacom tablet driver not found. Try the adhering to solutions to fix the Photoshop no recognizing tablet pen pressure.


Solution 1: Restart Photoshop and Computer

A restart sometimes deserve to perfectly remove the problematic pen push from Photoshop. As soon as you struggle upon no press in the pen in Adobe Photoshop, just shot to near this app and then re-open it. If you find restarting the software is useless, you deserve to just reboot the computer.

Solution 2: upgrade the tablet Driver

If the Wacom tablet is no working as result of the tablet driver, that is organic that your pen does not work well on windows 10. Together such, if you try to use the pen in Photoshop, friend may uncover the pen pressure not responding. For this reason you must ensure the tablet works normally and won’t reason pen pressure no response.

Here you would far better try Driver Booster to download the recent Wacom tablet driver to obtain the tablet computer back come work in addition to the pen.

1. Download, install and also run Driver Booster.

2. Click Scan.


3. Discover out the tablet driver and Update the automatically. V this way, you have the right to update the Wacom tablet driver and also XP-Pen driver.

The newly updated tablet computer driver may fix the Photoshop pen no reacting problem after solving the tablet issue.

Solution 3: fix PSUserConfig.txt Error

This PSUserConfig.txt is a file of Photoshop software. If the routine is come run, the PSUserConfig.txt will be activated automatically to support the operation. Hence, girlfriend would much better try to fix the errors with this Photoshop file in instance it results in pen no press when illustration or editing.

1. Kind in File Explorer in the search box and then click Enter.

2. In File Explorer, go to Local disk (C)AppDataRoamingAdobeAdobe Photoshop CC 2021Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 Settings.

Here if you have not to update Photoshop software, the folder might be Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 or Adobe Photoshop CC 2020. You should View hidden items to ensure the you can accessibility the over files or folders.

3. In Adobe Photoshop 2021 Settings folder, ideal click to produce a New Text Document and name it PSUserConfig.txt.


4. Open Command prompt with governmental privileges.

5. Kind in the following commands and run castle one by one:

# usage WinTab

UseSystemStylus 0

Upon to run the commands, accessing the Photoshop software, and shot to use the pen press to watch if over there is pen push on windows 10.

Solution 4: Re-configure Pen pressure Sensitivity

Understandably, the Wacom pen press sensitivity setup in Photoshop will influence the power of the pen pressure.

In case that you have set low pen press sensitivity in Photoshop to an extent where you even feel no pen press on home windows 10 when editing photos, friend may as well configure the pen pressure sensitivity to assist solve the pen push not functioning well problem.

In some cases, Photoshop no pen sensitivity will certainly be removed automatically after you change the pen sensitivity settings. 

1. Open Adobe Photoshop, and create a new file in this software.

2. Native the left menu, select the brush tool.

3. Then walk to Windows > Brush Settings.


4. Check the crate of Shape Dynamics come activate this pen push sensitivity.


5. Find the manage settings > Pen Pressure.

Test whether over there is pen push in Photoshop v the reconfigured push sensitivity settings.

Solution 5: use Windows Ink

For drawers, windows ink is a great tool come adds digital pen (or her finger) support to Windows to write and also draw top top the computer screen. As soon as your pen push isn’t functioning in PS, you would much better use windows Ink if to draw or edit.

Sometimes, if you revolve on windows pen ink, Photoshop not recognizing pen push on windows 10 will certainly be resolved since Photoshop senses the pen pressure.

1. Form in Windows Ink in the find box and also then press Enter to move right into Windows squid Workspace.

2. Under Pen & home windows Ink, select Wacom tablet properties.

3. Under Pen, tick package of Use home windows Ink.


With windows Ink, you may see that Photoshop no pen push is eliminated from home windows 10. And you can use the pen pressure in Photoshop software program freely and also smoothly.

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In short, Photoshop pen not sensitive on home windows 10 as soon as you are editing and enhancing the picture is common in everyday use, however you have the right to fix this tablet pen concern easily by referring to this article.