We’ve all been there before — that moment when her phone collides with the earth, publication an explosive *crash* sound that draws the fist (and anxiety) of everyone within earshot. All eyes space on you as you gradually reach for the device, nervously grimacing as you brace you yourself for the worst. No cracks… no clearly shows damage… situation averted, right?

Well, maybe… or possibly not. The most painful injuries of all room the ones that no one can see.

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Your Smartphone might Look good on the Outside…

But ~ above the inside, it could be fallout’s apart. In other words, just since your phone doesn’t have actually a cracked screen or any kind of other exterior damage, the doesn’t typical it’s completely undamaged. We don’t average to indicate that her phone’s internal materials sustain damages every solitary time the an equipment falls native any distance, onto any surface. Us are merely reminding you that your phone may not be as “fine” as it seems on the outside, particularly if you often tend to drop the on a regular basis.

Have you ever before noticed that your smartphone doesn’t respond come commands, or that it’s a bit slower 보다 usual, and also you can’t number out why? If so, her phone may be damaged internally as result of a collision through the ground. Fortunately, taking crucial precautions, favor in the infographic below, can help avoid the need for internal and also external repair:


Internal damage That Can an outcome From Dropping her Phone

Dropping her smartphone top top a tough surface can cause potentially devastating damage to the device’s internal components. Even if you escape the incident with a crack-free screen, you may have damaged the reasonable board, which has countless different connectors and also other contents soldered come it. A forceful influence can reason one that these components to come loose, i beg your pardon can an outcome in any number of issues v your device, depending upon the particular circumstances of the impact. If your phone no working like it normally does, and also you’re not sure why, you may want to take it it come an honest professional who have the right to assess the damage and also offer affordable repairs.

Check out the video clip below because that a few signs the may show your phone is struggling on the inside:

Assess the damages at my Phillie Wireless

The thing about logic plank repairs is, lock are an extremely complicated. In stimulate to fix your device’s logic board, you will need help from someone with a deep knowledge of micro soldering. In ~ My Phillie Wireless, our smartphone repair specialists are micro soldering master who know what species of damages to look at for and also how to fix them.

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You can carry your machine to us in person or mail it to united state for repairs, and also we’ll even provide a loaner phone call to hold you over till the repairs room complete, if the problem happens come be that severe. Us won’t know for certain until we take a look in ~ it, for this reason let us know if you require repairs, and we’ll give you a thorough diagnosis that the damage!