Megami Tensei (Japanese: 女神転生, lit. "Goddess Reincarnation"), likewise known as Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) in worldwide markets and commonly abbreviated together MegaTen (メガテン), is a Japanese role-playing video game franchise from the video game developer Atlus.

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<1> The franchise is notorious for having actually stories that deal with controversial subjects like sexuality and also religion (particularly demons and also folklore), follow me with allowing players a wide selection of morally ambiguous options as lock play through assorted storylines. If the Megami Tensei franchise is very huge and has actually several popular games, by much the many popular series is the spin-off series known together Persona (ペルソナ).


Atlus released the very first game for the Persona series in Japan ~ above September 20th, 1996, and then in phibìc America ~ above December 14th of the year, under the surname Revelations: Persona. It wasn"t till the second game, Persona 2<5> for PlayStation, that the collection was recognized as its own franchise. Through the release of Persona 3 and Persona 4 because that the PS2, the collection began to garner significant attention both in Japan and internationally. Localized releases indigenous Atlus USA drew the attention of western audiences with the release of Persona 3 in 2007 and also Persona 3 FES in 2008.<2>


Since then, the specialized fanbase that Persona continued to thrive larger. In fall 2011, Persona 4<3> received its own 26-episode anime series produced by Anime International company Inc.<6> With growing interest in the Persona series, the an initial three gamings have been ported to the game stations Portable, and also a harbor of Persona 4 was likewise released for the game stations Vita in 2012. Persona 5<14> released in Japan and North America in 2015.

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A fighting video game named Persona 4 can be fried in Mayonaka Arena,<7> created as a cooperative work between Atlus and Arc system Works,<8> struggle Japanese arcades on in march 1st, 2012, and also its sequel Persona 4 Arena Ultimax<9> complied with on 2013. Persona likewise received various other spinoffs, such as Persona Q: shadow of The Labyrith<10> in 2014 for the 3DS and the rhythm video game Persona 4: Dancing all Night<11> in 2015.