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If you’re in search of a possibility to adjust the world for children and young adults through multiple disabilities and visual impairments, college for the remote has avenues for you.

We’re in search of energetic and also talented individuals committed come helping human being reach their complete potential. Our work starts with students on our campus in Watertown, Massachusetts, however spans the world with tandem that assist the world most delicate children.

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Check the end our project openings, consisting of entry-level teaching assistant positions, come learn an ext about our benefits and also workplace culture.

Who we are

At college for the Blind, we believe that every single employee has actually the strength to do a difference in the life of a son or young adult who is blind or visually impaired. We value diversity in our staff, due to the fact that our community is more powerful when distinct ideas and perspectives room shared. Us build availability into every aspect of our work-related environment, providing talented employees of every backgrounds an opportunity to shine.

We value tough work, creativity and also passion, and also truly think that the success of every employee leader to the success the the organization as a totality – it is why us empower employee members to grow and also pursue new opportunities across campus.

Our meeting toour missionof blindness education and learning has never ever waveredsince we opened up our doors in 1829. Every day, we develop on that legacy to create the best feasible programs and services, propelled by our specialized employees.



Our core Values

While the people has readjusted since’ founding, our basic beliefs have actually remained constant. Ours Core values guide and inspire our work-related every day.

Excellence in Education: We pursue excellence and innovation to allow all college student to reach their complete potential.Tradition: us look to our heritage to educate our future.Empowerment: We work-related to ensure that every person has actually the opportunity to do their voice heard.Integrity: we behave in a way that is honest and principled.Accessibility: us strive to it is in a version of availability in our actions and also attitudes, fostering and also advocating for an atmosphere of inclusion.

Our services

At institution for the Blind, we’re cursed to help every employee prosper – and that’s why we offer terrific benefits. We’ve acquired the essentials covered, starting with vain salaries, numerous avenues for career expansion – including tuition reimbursement – and excellent health, dental and vision insurance. And we have actually all kinds of perks, including yoga and also kickboxing classes, well-being reimbursements, campus-wide festivals v food and also games, discounts at neighborhood businesses, on-campus massages and cost-free American sign Language classes.

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Here is a an overview of benefits currently easily accessible at All benefits space subject to change.

Medical CoverageDental InsuranceVision InsuranceLife InsuranceLong Term impairment InsurancePaid noble LeavePersonal Retirement Plan: 401(a)Tax Sheltered Annuity: 403(b)Tuition ReimbursementTuition RemissionFlexible security Plan, MedicalDependent care Flexible security PlanCredit UnionWellness Program