This seat has been disongoing, but we still view it for sale online. Here is an archived testimonial.

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Price: $200-290. added base: $80-100.

Limits: 5-30 lbs., 30”

NHTSA ease of use rating: Four out of 5 stars.

Pros: Side impact protection, auto harness adjustment, improved canopy, luxe fabrics.

Cons: Price. Newer model (4.35) might be much better bet.

Comments: Peg Perego has actually had actually much success with this seat, despite the its high price tag. Several of that success deserve to be chalked up to Peg’s slow yet steady improvements to the Primo Viaggio. In recent years, the agency has actually included side affect security, an automatic adjusecure harness and also a much better canopy to the seat, which now functions as much as 30 lbs. and also deserve to be offered with or without the base.

Of course, a large component of Peg’s mojo here is their Italian fabrics and also style—plus the reality this seat mates via many type of of Peg’s fashionable strollers. The luxe Italian fabrics are sharp, but a lot of of Peg’s competitors have caught up in the looks department in current years.

As for ease of usage, the majority of of our readers offer the Viaggio excellent marks, although not quite as high as the Graco SnugRide. Negatives incorporate a bulky, hefty carrier that clocks in at 11.1 lbs. That shelp, the majority of the reader feedearlier on this seat is incredibly positive.

Obviously, the price of the Viaggio is its biggest drawback—Peg has let the retail price of this seat creep dangerously cshed to $300. While it is a well made, safe infant auto seat, it’s hard to justify the virtually 50% price premium over similar seats from Chicco and also Graco.

We need to note that we sometimes check out the Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 discounted online under $200. And there are many kind of barobtain Primo Viaggio seats from previous years marketed digital in the $170 to $200 array. Be conscious, yet, that many kind of previously models just occupational to 22 lbs. and omit the side impact security.

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As for the latest crash tests, the Primo Viaggio scores in the middle of the pack in Consumer Reports’ latest tests—above average crash (“better”) defense however just fair fit to car utilizing a safety and security belt. The federal government provided this seat a four-star rating for ease of use.

FYI: In the previous year, Perego rolled out a brand-new variation of the Primo Viaggio, dubbed the 4.35. The SIP 30-30 proceeds to live on, however the new seat’s improvements make it a more attrenergetic buy. Rating: B+