Below you will uncover a basic overview that CBEST registration info and also testing fees, as well as a perform of testing center locations.

Computer-based and also online-proctored experimentation are obtainable by meeting during details windows. Paper-based testing is held on resolved dates and test-takers need to register by the corresponding deadlines. (Be conscious that this is at this time in the process of being phased out.) Registration for all creates of experimentation must be completed online at the official CBEST website.

Make certain you setup your study time prior to you register for the CBEST. To acquire started, view our complimentary CBEST study Guide and take a complimentary CBEST exercise Test.

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CBEST trial and error Costs

listed below is review of 2021-22 CBEST registration fees for computer-based, online-proctored and also paper-based testing.

This info is topic to change. all test-takers have to visit the official CBEST testing service website to check fees, registration procedures and testing requirements.


CBEST ServiceFees
Computer-based test (CBT) registration$30 it is registered fee every subtest
Online-proctored check registration$30 it is registered fee per subtest
Paper-based test (PBT) registration$41 it is registered fee
PBT late registrationAdditional $18 late registration fee
PBT emergency registrationAdditional $35 emergency it is registered fee
Change that registrationNo fee
Additional copy of check results$10 every copy
Score verification$50 for constructed solution section that one subtest
Fee to clean an account$20

Planning your CBEST check Registration

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just how you register for the CBEST can impact both your experimentation experience and also fees. Computer-based experimentation is administered in ~ a testing facility while online-proctored experimentation is yielded remotely under the supervision of an virtual proctor. If it could initially seem an advantage to take it the check from your home or workplace fairly than travel to a experimentation center, there room several determinants to think about when deciding what scenario to choose.

The CBEST is made up of three subtests: Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. With computer-based testing and online-proctored testing, these space administered as three separate sections. You must register for each of lock separately and also all sections have actually a $30 it is registered fee. The Reading and also Writing sections are both 1 hour and also 30 minutes long, while the mathematics section is 2 hours long. Through computer-based testing, you may take restroom breaks, which are considered as component of your trial and error time. With online-proctored testing, however, friend cannot take any breaks.

Another crucial difference is once you acquire your results. If you take the computer-based analysis or math section, friend will get preliminary test results at the conclusion of her appointment, and also your last test outcomes within 2 weeks. Through online-proctoring, girlfriend won"t get preliminary test results when your check ends. While outcomes are generally obtainable within 2 weeks of testing, score reports may likewise be delay for up to 2 weeks. If you desire to know exactly how you go as at an early stage as possible, then, computer-based testing may be a much better scenario because that you.

There is also the choice of acquisition the CBEST as a paper-based test. If you register for the paper-based exam, girlfriend will immediately be registered for all 3 sections, though you may select to take it only certain ones. Both the expense ($41) and also time limit (4 hours) room the same, regardless of the variety of sections friend complete. If her goal is come economize, it is an advantage to finish as many sections as you feel comfortable v in the one sitting. However, if you want to maximize your time, there is a clear advantage to not doing every sections in ~ once. If friend do pick to take it the paper-based test, be aware that the experimentation windows space much more limited, so girlfriend will need to setup your time very closely to make sure you don"t miss out on registration deadlines. Also note that in April 2021, the board of directors on Teacher Credentialing took activity to retiree the paper-based option, therefore the dates available are tentative and also subject come cancellation at any type of time.

prior to you it is registered for her exam, check out our complimentary study guide to learn more about the content of every subtest. We also advise acquisition a practice test and timing yourself on each subtest to determine your pace. This will assist you decide which experimentation scenario is best for you.

below is a perform of CBEST testing center locations in California, Oregon and Nevada. Keep in mind that areas may change and that no all testing sites are easily accessible for all exams and also dates.

IMPORTANT: Please perform NOT go to a testing facility until you have registered for the exam and also scheduled your appointment. Come register and also schedule one appointment, and also to confirm locations and availability, please visit the official CBEST testing business website.